Muslim Refugees to Maryland

     According to numbers we just recieved from the US State Department, Maryland beats the national average in the resettlement of Muslim refugees.     From 2002 through 2007 (to date) Maryland has been the resettlement destination of 1,556 Muslim refugees out of a total refugee pool of 3,979.   Muslims thus represented 39% of the refugee population for those years.    The national average from 1990 to […]

Iraqi Christians should be moved to the head of the line

     Iraq’s Christians are being wiped out.   The Islamic government that we have helped establish in Iraq is not protecting them and consequently thousands have been killed, driven from the country as refugees or forced to convert to Islam to save themselves.         A representative of the State Department told us, we take Iraqis of all […]

British fleeing the UK

     Atlas Shrugs has a warning for us from the United Kingdom—-the British are leaving their ancestral home  in droves to live abroad due to the unbridled immigration that the government there has encouraged over recent years.     “Ironically, the main reason for these people leaving the UK is the over-stretching of services caused by inbound immigration […]

Can a double bed be a substitute for home?

     The subject of Refugee Resettlement generates many stories–daily stories–about the little joys refugees experience in our wonderful America.   Every one of those stories highlight some caring and enlightened American who gives of him or herself by purchasing or donating some material item to make life easy.    This story today in the Lincoln Star about Burmese Karen arriving […]

Expect More? Yes we all do!

Your tax dollars:       If you are a numbers person you’ll find this US goverment website of interest.  It’s called  (Expect Federal Programs to Perform Well, and Better Every Year).  See the evaluations of the Refugee Resettlement Program here: Check out this little table (below) and note the cost of each refugee arrival.   In 2006 […]

Muslim High school curriculum

      I’m speechless!  You will have to read about the Islam Projects curriculum to believe it yourself.      Go here  and click on “Muslim Immigration to America” to see the lesson plans that are available for your public middle and high school students.    Yup,  I knew it, we are all a bunch of hate mongers.   First, […]

Find your state Refugee Resettlement Office

      Most states have a state Office of Refugee Resettlement funded in large part by the US government.   Find yours here:      Contact your state office and get information about what is happening with refugee resettlement where you live.    And, if someone knows why Wyoming does not participate in the program, and how the state got out […]

More stats: How many refugees have come to your city?

     Although lengthy and slanted (all is just peachy), the Brookings Institution published last fall a 31-page report about the Refugee Resettlement program, how it works, who pays for what, and how much.  Most interesting though is that it is chock full of tables with cities and how many refugees settled in each and from where they […]

Public outcry stops special Muslim accomodation

     To update our story,  “Somalis here, Somalis there, Somalis everywhere” posted on July 13th, Carver Elementary School, a San Diego elementary school, has been forced to withdraw its special “madrassa” program for Somali students due to pressure from the public.   Read the whole story on Little Green Footballs:      From 1983 until 2004, San […]