The message of the Good Samaritan

 Your tax dollars: During the recent controversy about Refugee Resettlement in Hagerstown, MD a writer to the Herald-Mail, the local newspaper, remarked that afterall the good Samaritan didn’t leave the wounded traveler on the taxpayers’ doorstep but  paid for his care from his own pocket.    That is something to remember as you begin to ask questions about the […]

Somali refugee numbers

I should have reminded readers of the number of Somali refugees that have been brought into the US in the Refugee Resettlement program when I wrote the two previous posts about the Somali rape case and the brutal Somali wife beating case.   The Refugee Resettlement program of the Federal government and the non-profit groups (volags) contracted […]

Hagerstown Refugee Resettlement Public meeting scheduled

On September 19th from 7-9 p.m. citizens of Hagerstown and Washington County (MD)will have a rare opportunity to learn about Refugee Resettlement from some of the major players in the program.  It’s my opinion that this sort of initiative should have occured long ago and should serve now as a model for other areas of […]

Iraqi refugees—only a small number worked for US

This article in (from yesterday) is meant to be another one of those drumbeating articles about the poor Iraqi refugees we need to save by bringing them here BEFORE THE WAR IS OVER!    Articles like these are generated by consulting firms in advance of legislation that is moving through Congress.   I suspect the firms are working […]

Iraqi Refugee warning, at the frontdoor and backdoor

The Investors Business Daily yesterday questioned why at a time when the Bush Administration has admitted that Iraqi terrorists are getting into the U.S. by the backdoor–across the Mexican border– Congress is pushing to allow thousands of Iraqi’s in the front door.   And guess who is sponsoring the Senate bill to add more refugees to […]

Glenn Beck reports on Somali rape case

I’m a fan of Glenn Beck and last night I was especially pleased by his coverage of the Minn/St. Paul Somali refugee rape case.    I can’t believe CNN lets him say the things he does!     Last night he made a very strong case that immigrants are not assimilating and accepting American values, as this example of […]

More on the dark side of diversity–Somali abuse of women

While checking on the status of the Somali refugee rape case we reported a few days ago, I found this account of another horrible crime in the same Minneapolis-St. Paul newspaper.   Why is it that those promoting the wonderous things diverse cultures bring to America avoid mentioning the dark side?    And to think that you paid […]

Does Presidential candidate Joe Biden like refugees?

In our previous post,  Refugee Act of 1980–a rogue’s gallery, Sen. Joe Biden is listed as one of the original co-sponsors of the bill that set up the whole Refugee Resettlement program.     As a matter of fact,  he is one of three original sponsors still in the Senate and now a Presidential candidate.  So, […]

Refugee Act of 1980–a rogue’s gallery

For those of our readers who want to understand how we got to this place with Refugee Resettlement,  and how the volags got their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets,  do a little research on the Refugee Act of 1980.   You gotta laugh!  Look at the rogues gallery of Senate Sponsors and Co-sponsors.  And, by the way, […]

Another nugget from the ORR 2005 Report to Congress

Here is another little bit of information buried in the most recent Office of Refugee Resettlement Report to Congress: Overall, findings from ORR’s 2005 survey indicate (as in previous years) that refugees face significant problems upon arrival in the United States. In previous years, we reported that the data described a process where refugees readily […]