Bob Maginnis’s editorial

Yup, it’s official. We are unwelcoming. So says Bob Maginnis. I’ll have a lot more to say about this editorial, but here’s the link to “The welcome and the unwelcome.”  Then there’s a letter, “Selfish interests betray the common good,” from the Rev. Timothy Leighton.  (Scroll down to second letter.)  I guess we should slink […]

Hagerstown is “unwelcoming”

Here’s the article the Herald-Mail is running today: Council to close office to resettle refugees. The subhead reads, “Hagerstown described as ‘unwelcoming.’” “The people who made the decision felt that it was not in the best interests of refugees to resettle them in an area that is perceived to be unwelcoming … I regret that […]

Omeish resigns from Virginia Immigration Commission

Dr. Esam Omeish’s  tenure on a Virginia commission to address immigration problems in that state was shortlived when tapes of past statements supporting Jihad came to light.    Omeish is President of the Muslim America Society (MAS) an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Go to the Center for Vigilant Freedom here for the full story. For readers in Washington County, […]

Is big business driving immigration?

Yes, it is.  We all know that the quest for cheap labor is fueling the push for stepped up immigration to America.  Even President Bush freely admits that.  It is in the news daily.  But, is it also driving Refugee Resettlement?  One of the things I’ve been pondering, and this will sound pretty inflamatory is:  Is […]

Why do we need volags?

Your tax dollars:  Last week at the forum in Hagerstown on Refugee Resettlement the first question may have been the most important.  Louise Dawson, a lifelong resident of Hagerstown, asked why can’t Refugee Resettlement be run completely by the government and the churches could just volunteer to help?   Here is the Herald-Mail’s coverage of what she […]

Family Reunification–opportunity for fraud?

Did you know that refugees can apply to bring family members to America and the refugee becomes the sponsor for more refugees?  The volags (non-profit groups funded by you) take the applications for the extended family members and then are paid by the head for the additional refugees they resettle. Anecdotal stories abound about how easy it is to defraud […]

Inviting Perspectives

If you were at the Refugee Resettlement Forum in Hagerstown on September 19, and if you have some knowledge or insight you would like to share about the issues that were discussed or anything else about the Forum, please send your comments to us. We will publish short posts — no more than three paragraphs […]