Shelbyville is still roiling…..

Just as I was about to say good night and Happy New Year, someone sent me the latest from Shelbyville, TN.  Yes, can you believe it there is more! Times-Gazette reporter Brian Mosely responded today to the criticism and the praise for his series on Somalis in Shelbyville. Also mixed in with the comments and criticism were […]

Immigrants and Food Stamp fraud

After we had a recent federal raid on a convenience store in Hagerstown, MD where the owner, Mohammed Tariq Khan, allegedly purchased food stamps  for 50 cents on the dollar,  I’ve occasionally noticed articles about this illegal practice.  Here is an old one published at Free Republic entitled “New Immigrants Masters of Food Stamp Fraud.” […]

Who decides which cities will get refugees next? What are the cities?

As we end the year and begin a new one, we have to get down to work.  Shelbyville, TN and the Times-Gazette have given us lots to write about in the last 10 days or so (see our whole series here), but we need to do some basic research.  Will you help us? First, who really decides which cities […]

Refugees or displaced persons?

Here is an article today from the Houston Chronicle; another article about Iraqi refugees—this time in Egypt.  The article jumps back and forth between Iraqis who are happy to learn they are going home to Iraq, happy that Saddam is gone, unhappy with the Americans for not keeping them safe and unhappy because they can’t […]

Vanishing American on Shelbyville!

Go over to the Vanishing American blog and read the excellent post on Brian Mosely’s Opinion piece on Shelbyville Somalis entitled, “Is there a method to the elites’ madness?” Wow. I am stunned to find such an honest story in any newspaper; I commend the writer, Brian Mosely, for his honesty. How does it happen […]

Illegal immigrants may be “self-deporting”

Reuters reported last Monday that illegal Hispanic immigrants are increasingly moving back home. There is no tally of the number of illegal immigrants who have already left the United States, many of whom simply head south over the border with their belongings packed into a car during the annual Christmas exodus, or board scheduled flights […]

Shelbyville opinion piece

Today reporter Brian Mosely penned a column to wrap up his series on Shelbyville’s Somalis and here is how it begins: Over the past few years, this community has given a helping hand and opened their arms to the new arrivals from Somalia. ________ In return, many of these refugees have given Shelbyville the finger. […]

To have babies or not to have babies, that is the question for American women

Who would think that author and columnist Mark Steyn would be in free speech hot water for writing about who is and who isn’t having babies.   Apparently Canadian Muslims complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission when Macleans magazine published a chapter from Steyn’s book “America Alone.”   Us or Them blog describes the issue involving European demographics […]

American Education if Somalis had their way

Here is another shocking bit of information that came to our attention through the investigative work done at the Shelbyville Times-Gazette.    You will be blown away by this!    Hassan Mohamed gives a detailed description of how we need to change our educational practices to accomodate Somali students.  This document is linked on a St. […]