100 Foreign workers missing in Alabama tonight

Coming right on the heels of the anger at Tyson’s Food for disrupting communities by bringing Somali refugees in large numbers to small American cities, comes the news that another big business has lost 100 Nepalese workers this week.    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — About 100 people who came from Nepal to work at a north Alabama factory […]

Somalis definitely leaving Emporia, KS

According to the Emporia-Gazette, news was received today that the Somali refugees who have been the center of much controversy are leaving Emporia.  They are among the 1500 workers who will be unemployed shortly. City Manager Matt Zimmerman told city commissioners at today’s work session that the Somali community had decided to leave Emporia following […]

Bosnians busted in Driver License scam

In the aftermath of Bill Clinton’s war in Bosnia, the United States admitted over 100,000 Bosnian Muslims as refugees.  They got taxpayer funded airfare, a rent subsidy, food stamps, health care, and a caseworker to find them a job.    Here’s how they repay the charity.    (Hat tip:  Janet Levy) The FBI has cracked a Spokane-based ring […]

Europeans waking up (finally) to the danger of Muslim immigration

See this excellent post at Jihad Watch reporting on an article from the Daily Express that begins: AN “overwhelming majority” of Europeans believe immigration from Islamic countries is a threat to their traditional way of life, a survey revealed last night. Read it all and remember that we are blindly heading down the same path as […]

Complaints fall on deaf ears at government agencies

We have written before about the work of Chris Coen and his organization, Friends of Refugees.  He wrote to us recently out of sheer frustration, but still  filled with determination to get the government’s attention about the plight of some refugees who have been brought to America and virtually dumped by agencies contracted to care […]

Baghdad: returning refugees create tight housing market

Here’s a new way to get out of a housing slump that we probably don’t want to imitate. The Los Angeles Times reports today that Iraqi refugees returning to Baghdad are pushing up real estate prices as they seek out homes. Last year, home prices plummeted and rents dropped as Iraqis left town in search […]

A question for the candidates

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch today posts his questions for the presidential candidates — suggestions for what the moderators of the next debates might ask. His first one is especially relevant to us: 1. What would you do to deal with the national security aspect of immigration? With plans afoot to bring large groups of Iraqis, including […]

As Lionheart goes, so go we

Update 1/30/08:   Gates of Vienna blog has up-to-date news on Lionheart, calls him ‘canary in the coal mine for western free speech’ here.   Don’t miss audio of Lionheart on a US radio station. I’ve written lately about the importance of keeping our free speech and that proliferating blogs is the way for just regular people to defend […]