Ten UN agencies join to end female genital mutilation

The United Nations released a story yesterday: Ten United Nations agencies have banded together to help eliminate the harmful practice of female genital mutilation within a generation, stressing the need for strong leadership and greater resources to protect the health and lives of millions of women and girls. An estimated 3 million girls are at […]

Angelina Jolie and RRW agree: Help Iraqi refugees where they are

Angelina Jolie, UN goodwill ambassador, has a column today in the Washington Post, Staying to Help in Iraq. She begins: The request is familiar to American ears: “Bring them home.” But in Iraq, where I’ve just met with American and Iraqi leaders, the phrase carries a different meaning. It does not refer to the departure of U.S. […]

More refugees headed to Worcester, MA

Because Boston is getting too expensive,   Worcester, MA will be getting increased numbers of refugees according to this article in the Telegram. The organization [Worcester’s Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Center] helped 100 refugees find housing and jobs in Worcester last year, with the majority of families coming from Burma, Burundi and Somalia. _______ Because of rising […]

Listen to the Gathering Storm Radio program tomorrow!

If you are interested in the “Mapping Sharia in America” investigation we posted on the other day—the one where I suggested the odds were excellent that a Muslim refugee coming to America would become radicalized in a mosque here, then check out the Gathering Storm tomorrow afternoon.   See Always on Watch for details. While you are […]

Are we doomed to repeat history?

I know that is an entirely overused question, but when I read this article by Patrick Buchanan a couple of days ago I couldn’t help wondering, no matter how many times we hear it, we don’t ever seem to learn from it. Here is how Buchanan begins in this week after the ethnic flare-ups in […]

Booklet on Refugee Resettlement in Europe

Just came across mention of a booklet published by the International Catholic Migration Commission about refugee resettlement in Europe.   We’ve had several readers asking about how this “durable solution” works in Europe and we didn’t know.  This booklet sounds like it might be a place to start.  I’m betting there is no mention of Raispail’s […]

Yemen is overwhelmed with African refugees

Judy just told you about Israel being overwhelmed with African refugees and then tonight I’m reading about Somalis and Ethiopians flooding into Yemen.   According to this Reuters article, 30,000 African (mostly Muslim) illegal immigrants have swarmed across the Red Sea to Yemen this year alone in hopes of getting to Saudi Arabia or the West.   The United […]

Israel is overwhelmed with African refugees

If you’re a country that is civilized, prosperous and safe, a lot of people are going to try to move there.  In the United States we’re deluged with illegal aliens. Because we share a border with Mexico and that country is a disaster, we’re the “safety valve” for Mexicans.  Israel also has an inflow of illegal aliens across its […]