It’s March 31st, do you know where Matthew Lee is tonight?

 Update April 3, 2008:   Still no sign of Mr. Lee’s monthly report to complain about the Bush Administration not bringing enough Iraqis to the US.   I can only conclude that the numbers were up this month and thus it was not worth reporting.    Or, maybe he is waiting for the big pow-wow tomorrow.  Time for our […]

Congress set to recognize Jewish refugees from Arab countries

Peggy Shapiro of The American Thinker reports: It has been sixty years since 850,000 Jews were victims of “ethnic cleansing” in 10 Arab lands, where some Jewish communities had existed for 2,500 years. The number of Jewish refugees expelled from Arab lands exceeds Arab refugees from Israel by more than 100,000 (United Nations Conciliation Commission, […]

Germany may accept 30,000 Iraqi Christians

The Earth Times reports: Berlin – Germany is mulling calls for it to take in up to 30,000 Christians who have fled intimidation and violence in Iraq, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman said Saturday, confirming an account in the news magazine Der Spiegel. Iraq’s Christians, who have lived in Mesopotamia since before the advent of Islam, […]

African asylum seekers are flooding Israel; the UN controls what happens next

Israel is in the midst of a refugee crisis. Africans from Darfur began to come in small numbers in 2005.   According to a March 27 Jerusalem Post article, the Israeli government accepted the first 600 Darfur refugees and gave them legal status.  Israelis donated goods and money, and the refugees are integrating into Israeli society.  The linked […]

So who is coming with the Bhutanese?

If this article is accurate, it looks like there could be others of unknown nationality resettling in the West from the refugee camps in Nepal. KATHMANDU, 30 March 2008 – As one of the world’s largest third-country resettlement processes started this week in Nepal, with over 10,000 Bhutanese refugees scheduled to be resettled in various […]

Kansas Somali refugee arrested in rape of students

Thanks to a tip from Us or Them, here is a story that our friends in Kansas will be surprised to hear (or maybe not).   A Somali refugee has been charged with intoxicating and raping two boys from a Catholic High School. I am not making that up!  A Leavenworth substitute teacher accused of unlawful sexual […]

NY Times: Fraud in the non-profit world

No, you don’t say!  This article from the New York Times rounds out my troika of posts this weekend that began with Chicago non-profits getting boatloads of charitable money that go for political organizing, Chris Coen’s charges that although well paid, Chicago charities have a bad record of caring for refugees.  And, now a report that says […]

Friends of Refugees born out of Chicago experience

Last night I wrote about how your tax dollars were being used in Chicago to do “community” organizing for the political promotion of grievances by the multicultural crowd.  You know it’s a shame they don’t use all that money to help refugees and immigrants assimilate—-too busy organizing I guess! I had recently asked Chris Coen of […]