More refugees from Malta: Have we gone mad?

Arghhhhh!   Many months ago I wrote that we were going to take refugees from the Mediterranean island of Malta—simply to do a good deed.   These are not refugees!  They are African illegal aliens who have broken into Malta because the boats they were using to get to the mainland of Europe could not reach their destination.  Here is […]

Avoiding assimilation through Muslim homeschooling

A friend sent me to VDARE today to see an immigration article she was recommending.  I couldn’t find it, but this one written by Joe Guzzardi, almost a month ago, jumped right out at me.  Homeschooling is something both Judy and I know a good bit about, having done it for many years.  We know […]

Muslim on Muslim crime

Yesterday Jihad Watch had a good post about a mob of Jihadi Muslims in Indonesia burning a mosque of another sect of Islam, the Ahmadiyya.    The mob shouted “kill” “kill” as it torched the place. Guess we will soon hear that we need to take more Ahmadiyya asylees, refugees, and immigrants due to the religious persecution they […]

Sign a petition to help Iraqi Christians

We’ve reported on Father Keith Roderick of Christian Solidarity International (CSI) as part of a delegation that went to Jordan to check out the condition of Iraqi Christian refugees there. Now Fr. Roderick has alerted us to an effort by his group to bring the Iraqi Christians to the attention of the Bush administration and […]

An Anatomy of Surrender

That’s the title of a stunning piece by Bruce Bawer in the Spring issue of City Journal. The subtitle is “Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia.” Bawer shows by dozens of examples that Europeans especially, but Americans too, are submitting to the claims of Islam, to the detriment […]

Rising food prices put refugees in camps at risk

We’re going to hear a lot about rising food prices. People all over the world are starving, in the hundreds of millions. An article in the Ottawa Citizen  by Kate Heartfield about the refugees from Burma on the Thai border is headlined: “As the price of rice rises and refugee rations decrease, a vulnerable people will […]

Keep the heathens out!

This is a horrible and heartwrenching story from Iraq.  Hat tip: The Unbeliever.   A 17-year-old fell in love with a British soldier and when her father found out he choked her to death.  He got off because it was a so-called honor killing sanctioned by Islam and also apparently just fine with the democratically elected […]

Because no one asked….

I just found this blog with that name, and it’s from Canada.   Today “crazybengal” had this to say about a film called “Real Islam revealed”:  Another thing that is not mentioned in the film is the need for muslim immigrants to integrate into western society. Also, the need for our governments to stop giving in to muslim immigrants’ […]

More on the Rohingya problem

Here is another article that reports on the demonstrations in Asia the other day.   I was interested in adding this bit of information to our growing Rohingya file.  Five Western envoys to Bangladesh, including European Commissioner Dr. Stephen Frane, Italian envoy Italla Maria Marta Ochi, Dutch envoy Ria Tan Tushar, Swedish envoy Brith of Horford, and […]

Maoist election puts things into sharper perspective regarding Bhutanese refugees

As we reported before, the United States has agreed to take 60,000 Bhutanese refugees from camps in Nepal.   The Bhutanese who are of Nepali descent are divided on whether they want to be resettled in the West.  Many are holding out in hopes Bhutan will take them back.  This article adds more clarity while it reports a dramatic […]