Iraqi prime minister says Iraq wants its refugees back

Several sources are reporting on recent statements by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki. He has been in Sweden for a UN-sponsored conference on rebuilding Iraq. Iraq wants its refugees to return home and those who do can expect “privileges”, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said during a visit to Sweden on Friday. “We hope that […]

Bangladesh: Rohingya can go home to Burma, but refuse

In the wake of a visit to Bangladesh last week by UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, according to this report a stalemate seems to have been broken about the repatriation of the final 27,000 Muslim Rohingyas back to their homeland in Burma (Myanmar).   However, they say they will go only when democracy is established in […]

How many refugees and from what countries…

And, to which states were they resettled.    I just realized we don’t have all these databases in one handy place.   Here are links to the Office of Refugee Resettlement data bases for refugees resettled in the US. First, for a very handy chart for 1983-2005, go here.  [Update:  January 2013, link no longer available] Then […]

South Africa: Tensions continue as immigrants beg to be resettled

As perhaps the world’s most highly touted experiment in multiculturalism continues to crumble, immigrants and refugees storm humanitarian offices insisting they be resettled to first world countries.  See our coverage last week of the anti-immigrant riots in South Africa and with them the demise of the “rainbow nation” myth. Here is the latest news, this story […]

Obama and friends on Fox this weekend

Just received this alert to a TV special featuring Daniel Pipes talking about Obama’s Islamist friends.    How does all this tie in with immigrant and refugee activists and your tax dollars being spent on groups such as the Arab American Action Network?    See my post from March, “Obama and the taxpayer money trail.”  Be sure […]

The BAMs vs. the IMMs! Tribalism within US Muslim community?

Since I’ve written on several occasions lately about black Americans having conflicts with black refugees in communities where the volags apparently placed the refugees—assuming the black ‘African’ brothers would bond, I don’t think I am going too far afield to discuss this very fascinating post I came across yesterday.    It is written at a blog called […]

Germany still wants Christian Iraqi refugees; that’s still a “hitch”

Germany has been talking about taking thousands of Iraqi refugees since March — we posted on this here, here and here. But they want Christian refugees, and that presents a problem to the multiculturalists of Europe. Spiegel reports that  the CDU [Christian Democratic Union, the ruling party] envisions bringing a large group (possibly as many […]

US Congressmen demand reform of UNRWA

The Jerusalem Post reports on a move by a American congressmen to do something about the UN agency that oversees the Palestinian refugees. A group of bipartisan US congressmen is urging reform in UNRWA, the UN body that deals exclusively with Palestinian refugees and their descendants, and calling for alternative solutions to the containment of […]