Campaign underway to bring North Korean refugees to the US

So far we have only brought a few North Korean refugees here, but the push is on.   I don’t have anything definitive, but it’s just like the Rohingya situation, one starts to hear the faint drumbeats that the US MUST save another beleaguered group.  This is from something called MyDD (direct democracy) which I confess is […]

Burmese conflicted about coming to the US

Here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the large number of Burmese refugees entering the US.  You may have noticed them in your city or town already.  Since 2006, according to this article, we have resettled 32,000 Burmese refugees (mostly Christian with some Muslims slipped in) and expect another 18,000 this year. […]

Free speech and Steyn win one in Canada

We’ve discussed on several previous occasions that author Mark Steyn and Macleans magazine were recently dragged before the so-called Candadian Human Rights Commission to answer charges that Steyn and the magazine voiced extremist views when Macleans published an article by Steyn based on his best selling book, America Alone. Now comes word that Steyn and Mcleans […]

Michael Savage being himself on refugees

Here is something I missed previously,  radio talk show host Michael Savage commenting on remarks by First Lady Laura Bush for World Refugee Day.    I don’t know what Laura Bush said, I didn’t even pay attention at the time or look it up now because I knew it would be some politically correct mumbo jumbo.    […]

The “lottery”: Somali refugees in Africa stream to camps in hopes of going West

Here is an article from The National (a UAE newspaper?) this past week that explains why the flow of Somalis to camps will continue as long as there is hope that the US will scoop them up and bring them to a town near you. UN officials are trying to deal with overcrowded camps along […]

Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Report to Congress, where is it?

Sorry our “your state” page is so incomplete.  I just figured you could get your state information from our link to the ORR Annual Report to Congress, but I notice the link isn’t working (at least for me).   If the new report is out would someone send me the link at!   Thanks!

Utah: Too many refugees? Just say, no! Wyoming did!

Utah is feeling the strain with too many refugees for the welfare system to handle. No sympathy here because you could just say, no! Tell the US State Department to tell their NGO contractors to cut the flow until you can get caught up with the needs of your own destitute people before they send […]

South African TB patients riot

While I’m on the subject of infectious diseases this morning, here is a frightening story from South Africa thanks to blulitespecial.  CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Authorities increased security Friday at a tuberculosis hospital where patients with drug-resistant forms of the disease went on a rampage to protest prison-like conditions. Twenty-two patients were arrested Wednesday, […]

Chris Coen weighs in on World Relief and Fort Wayne

Earlier this month we reported on a volag “cat fight” going on in Ft. Wayne, IN.  It seems that volag World Relief (Corporation of National Association of Evangelicals) is trying to horn in on Catholic Charities lucrative territory in Ft. Wayne.   As we have reported many times on this blog, these agencies are paid by […]

More on the friction between Black Americans and Black African refugees

Update August 20th:  More on this subject here. A few weeks ago I told you about how tensions are building in black communities between immigrants and American blacks.    Sometimes the tension is between Black American Muslims (BAMs) and IMMs (Immigrant Muslims who are not black).  Sometimes it’s just Black Americans (BAs) and African immigrants no matter what religion, but […]