Catholic Cardinals: we are all bigots and it’s wrong when illegals go home

From Catholic News Service:  WASHINGTON (CNS) — Two Catholic cardinals called the current U.S. immigration situation “a terrible crisis” and “a dark moment in our nation’s history” in remarks they made July 28 at the opening Mass and plenary session of the 2008 National Migration Conference. Both Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington, […]

Israeli legislators call on UN to let real refugee agency take responsibility for Palestinians

David Bedein reports in the July 30 Philadelphia Bulletin: Jerusalem – Yesterday morning, an unusual coalition of conservative and liberal factions, which usually war with each other, formed in the Israeli Knesset. A broad-based coalition of Israeli legislators called a packed press conference at the Israeli parliament to demand the United Nations Relief and Works […]

Ahhhh! Today it’s a food stamp fraud bust in Toledo, OH

I just yesterday told you about food stamp fraud (again!) and today there is a new bust in Ohio.   What a surprise, looks like most are adherents of the ‘religion of peace’ but the article doesn’t say what nationality they are which would give us some idea if they were initially refugees or asylees.  (For a […]

Maybe refugees are involved in food stamp fraud after all

I’ve been posting on Food Stamp Fraud ever since a convenience store in our county was raided due to allegations of fraud.  I always put a disclaimer on those posts saying that as far as I knew refugees weren’t involved, just other immigrants who happened to also be members of the religion of peace. Today this […]

More news on Iraqi IDP’s, government announces incentives to return

On July 16th the Iraqi government announced incentives for IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons) to return home.   Judy reported on this in an earlier post here, and now we are hearing some of the details. NGO’s* and their reporter friends have been saying we broke it (Iraq) and now we need to fix it by bringing […]

Some Iraqi IDP’s are not legit

IDP’s are Internally Displaced Persons in the vernacular of the refugee resettlement industry folks.  The mainstream media tells us that a couple of million are displaced within Iraq and we must begin resettling these so-called refugees to the US.    The normal definition of “refugee” specifies that the person must have left his or her own […]

Somali gangs in Minneapolis? Open warfare?

Clan warfare maybe, but gangs too?    This is the second ‘Somali watch’ post I promised this morning, thanks to our unofficial Somali researcher, blulitespecial. This story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune is from the end of June and we missed it, as did most of you,  because these stories do not make it to the national […]

Somalis on the march to Postville, Iowa

Update:   I only posted this a few minutes ago and already the story is changing.  See the Des Moines Register and note that the bloom is already off the rose at Agriprocessors.   Teach me to read all my e-mail from Blulitespecial before I write! I have a pair of Somali stories for you this morning, […]

Blog on Iraqi refugees: more questions then answers

We have written 201 posts on the Iraqi refugee situation and still feel like we are not getting the truth, or anything near the accurate story of the supposed “crisis” with Iraqi refugees.   I came across this blog the other day reporting on a first hand account of a visit to the UNHCR office in […]