Somalis on the march to Postville, Iowa

Update:   I only posted this a few minutes ago and already the story is changing.  See the Des Moines Register and note that the bloom is already off the rose at Agriprocessors.   Teach me to read all my e-mail from Blulitespecial before I write!

I have a pair of Somali stories for you this morning, both thanks to Blulitespecial, this is the first one.

Do you all recognize the town of Postville?  It is where the Kosher meat packing plant is, Agriprocessors, the one raided by the feds in May where 389 Hispanic illegal immigrants were found working.

Word of the raid reached Minneapolis, home of the largest Somali population in the US, and Somali men are now flocking to Postville to fill the jobs vacated by the illegal workers, some of whom were apparently underaged according to a story in the New York Times two days ago.  (Sorry, you will have to google that story, the link is screwy).

Here is what the Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting:

POSTVILLE, Iowa – Scores of Somali immigrants are taking jobs at the nation’s largest kosher meatpacking plant, replacing Hispanic workers arrested in a huge immigration raid and forcing a remote Iowa town to make another cultural shift.

Before the May 12 raid at Agriprocessors, hundreds of Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants maintained a vibrant community in little Postville, a largely white community of 2,200 people in far northeast Iowa.

Now the stoops and haunts once occupied by Hispanics are being filled by about 150 Somali men.

The $13 an hour offered by Agriprocessors is drawing workers away from Tyson’s Food which has been the primary employer (Swifts too) herding Somalis from city to city and causing disruptions in places like Shelbyville, TN and Emporia, KS.

Regardless of previous claims, Somali workers such as Hassam Jilmale said he left work at a Tyson plant in Nebraska because he heard he could make more money with better conditions at Agriprocessors.

If the New York Times allegations are true, one of you volag do-gooders should be warning Hassam.

Then there is this comment by a Somali from Minneapolis involved in legal aid for Somalis.  Mark my words there will soon be special arrangements for Muslim prayer at the Jewish meatpacking plant:

“They go to these places and they’re not well equipped …” he said. “They do not speak the language. They do not know their legal rights and they live in fear of losing their jobs. They need someone who can bridge the two levels and balance the interests but they are not there.”

Then finally toward the end of the article is some mention of the town and its people.

The new Somali residents seem fine, but he [town resident] fears there is only so much upheaval the town can take.

“We’re just always adjusting and it’s scary, it’s hard,” he said. “We get all these new people and we don’t know who they are.”

Dear residents of Postville, to know what you are in for, read our archived stories on Shelbyville, TN here.  And, our category on the Somali controversy that swirled in Emporia, KS here.

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  1. I would like to say here that my main concerns are good paying safe jobs for American workers, and controlled,legal,open immigration.When you sit down to dinner,remember a lot of people,no matter who they are or where they came from worked damn hard to help get food to your table.A lot people were injured and disabled in Postville, and other packing houses just trying to make a living.They deserved better.So do you.The following is my statement(in my own words) from a recent interview with NY Public Radio-

    We might want to take a closer look at how the companies like Tyson and Swift have made changes for a certain group of employees.Remember the Somali employees have been harassed,physically attacked,called every name in the book just walking down the street,beaten up on picket lines,fired for taking prayer time,etc.We’ve all heard and read about these things.But they got Tyson’s attention- no one else has able to do that.Not without getting fired or killed.The illegal employees were too afraid to say much.Seems the local resident employees always have been, too.It’s been a common thing to be fired for medical problems there.Report any problems at work and you’re fired.How many women in Emporia over the years were offered better jobs and easier conditions if they were receptive to sexual advances by supervisors? We always heard that was pretty common. If you’re not Muslim,you have to work more to cover those who are while they’re gone. So far they’ve gotten the conditions changed by working together and communicating.You don’t really think the Somali population here is just sitting around waiting for Monday morning to roll back around,do you? They also have the backing of the church agencies and the politicians to get changes made. Those changes were made at Tyson because of skin color,religion,federal money involved,working together,and a lot of guts to stand up…. While most of Emporia has been content to be a squashed bug on the cattle truck windshield.

    Yup- people get killed over this.People get deported.Identity theft will get you prison time.
    But-it’s about time those that operate these slave labor workhouses and their pocket-pool buddies in Washington do some time in prison.

  2. Seems Agriprocessors management is providing green cards in some kind of scam.They told workers the price,and to get a loan if they had to buy the card from the company.

    Now that the 90% fraud in the Somali/Kenya reunification programs has been exposed,how many of the Somali refugees showing up in Postville are “legit”? Was this company working on getting paperwork for someone that may have been toting an AK a few years ago? Or have they been stopped in time,and some questionable people’s movements recorded?

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