Ft Morgan Times editorial is naive and deceptive

Today the Ft. Morgan Times has an editorial entitled, “Refugees taking root in Ft. Morgan.”   I have read a lot of politically correct, diversity is beautiful, let’s all sing ‘kumbaya’ articles, but this one I’m going to print out and hang by my computer and wait for the day when something happens in Ft. Morgan, CO and […]

Hey, Senator Coleman, you are losing voters because they are killing each other

Update Nov. 7th:   Somali promoting Coleman at the polls?  Or, were both sides illegally promoting their candidates at the polls?    Hat tip:  Blulitespecial Senator Coleman (R-MN) is getting support for his reelection bid from an unexpected corner—the Somali Muslim vote.   This is from a publication about Somalia called Hirraan On-line.  Hat tip:  Blulitespecial.  It begins with […]

Muslim real estate scam in Chicago

Since the nation is focused on scams involving mortgages, you might be interested to read about this Muslim scammer in Chicago.  From the Chicago Tribune on Sunday: CHICAGO – Between the prayers that fill the holy month of Ramadan, during the long fasts that stretch from dawn to dusk, Muslims have been meeting in halls, […]

NJ and Nebraska articles led me to this site…

It is a US Census Bureau site for something called the American Community Survey.  The reporters who wrote the story about South Jersey refugee and immigrant numbers and likewise the story from Omaha Nebraska about the foreign born population in that state relied on the most recent survey from the Census Bureau. From the NJ […]

Ft. Dix Six (now five) trial began yesterday in NJ

I have a bunch of news piled up because I was so distracted by the Washington/Wall St. debacle of the last few days, I’ll try to get these stories up today.  The first is that the Ft. Dix Five trial began in NJ yesterday.  We have covered this issue in several previous posts here because one […]

We are in deep trouble: two must-read articles

Two articles brought to my attention yesterday confirm to me that we are at a crisis point in American history and indeed world history.   I warn you, they are both depressing, but don’t let them send you to bed with a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, use them to inspire you to work harder […]

British Tories reject sharia courts

Hurray for the Conservative Party of Britain — the Tories.  The Telegraph (UK) reports: A Conservative government would ban sharia courts and impose a tough crackdown on Islamic extremism, the shadow security minister has said.  [A shadow minister is the person in the party out of power who will take that position if the party […]

Calling the State Department: You have another volag screwing up

Update October 2nd:  Lutheran Social Services gets defensive.    ….and, another Iraqi refugee family angry.    In the last 15 months, since we began writing Refugee Resettlement Watch, I have lost track of the number of stories I’ve read about the volags (supposedly voluntary agencies) that are contracted by the US State Department to resettle refugees and […]