The attack in India and our refugee/immigration policies

I was just about to post this when I saw Ann already posted on the same article (different titles, same article). Well, it’s worth two posts, so here’s mine. Mark Steyn’s commentary, It’s Not the Cold War,  stands out among the mountains of words written about the Bombay attack, especially for us at RRW.   He points […]

Mumbai massacre, and why we should halt Muslim immigration to the West

Mark Steyn had a very important column on Friday entitled, “Mumbai could happen just about anywhere.”  Hat tip:  The Unbeliever.   There is no sense in my trying to analyze it for you, because I can’t write like Mark Steyn anyway.   Please read it.    Here are a few lines from near the end. This isn’t […]

Connecticut, another state where Iraqis are having a tough time

This is an article from Connecticut.   Although the Iraqi refugee who is the subject of this piece seems to be making out o.k. (he has a job!), it sounds like the reporter is dancing around reporting on problems with other Iraqis. “Watching and imitating is for animals. We are people of ideas and thoughts.” Those […]

More Muslim immigrants guilty of food stamp fraud in Michigan

Debbie Schlussel has the latest case here. It never ends because we continue to let thousands of these people in and then to pander and bend over backward and forward to them once they’re here. Fortunately, the Michigan State Police has a special unit for this kind of fraud, headed by Det. Lt. Marty Bugbee, […]

Big city paper finally catches on to African immigration fraud story

Well, can you believe it!  The Minneapolis Star Tribune, the hometown paper of the Somali capital of the USA, has finally written about the worldwide suspension of the State Department’s P-3 family reunification program—suspended due to widespread fraud in Africa.  We told you about this bombshell story two weeks ago.   Our very first mention was back […]

News Busters: Star Tribune makes Somali missing men look like characters in West Side Story

I had noticed that the Minneapolis Star Tribune coverage of the missing Somali men was a little sugary, but I realized that I have become so accustomed to mainstream media outlets soft-peddling terrorism that I didn’t give it another thought until a reader sent me this analysis at News Busters which begins: It reads like the […]

Is Barack Obama a natural born citizen of the United States?

Update July 26th:  SPLC going after Lou Dobbs on birth certificate issue, here. Update July 15, 2009:  Soldier challenges orders to report to Afghanistan claiming Obama is not legally the President of the United States, here. A U.S. Army Reserve major from Florida scheduled to report for deployment to Afghanistan within days has had his […]

Another day, another state, another unemployed Iraqi refugee

This story is from Boise, Idaho.  One of hundreds of Iraqi interpreters (among thousands of other Iraqi refugees) entering the US can’t find work.  Tell me something I don’t know!   This fellow (Mohammed) at least doesn’t think we owe him a job. But now he’s joined the ranks of Idaho’s unemployed at a time when the state’s economy lost […]

Another day, another unhappy Iraqi refugee

These unhappy jobless Iraqi refugees are in Atlanta.  The International Rescue Committee whose annual budget is over $200 million (and almost half of that comes from the taxpayers) gave them a nice Thanksgiving dinner (big deal), when they want jobs!  By the way, the dinner didn’t look as fancy as the one in the New […]

Government grants available for Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh

Your tax dollars: All you NGO’s hurry on over to the State Department and get in line for grants available for Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh.   Yes, I know the theory—poverty breeds terrorism, so we are going to send American tax dollars to BANGLADESH!   What are we thinking!     Next thing you know we will be resettling Rohingya Islamists […]