Somali missing youths story makes the front page in Washington, DC

Yesterday’s Washington Times placed the Somali missing youths story on the front page above the fold!    For new readers of RRW, we have been following this story for weeks here.

American-raised, possibly some American born, Somali refugees are packing up and are believed to be headed to terrorist training camps in Somalia to join the Jihad.   The Washington Times story doesn’t add much new information but I found this interesting.

Ahmed Elmi, chairman of the Washington-based Somali-American Community Association (SACA), said he knew of no one in the Washington area’s relatively tiny Somali community who had disappeared or of any recruitment here of would-be Islamist fighters.

“I want to have my antennae out,” Mr. Elmi said. “If there is a practice like that, I need to know.”

He said about 10,000 Somalis live in the Washington area, spread out over Maryland, Virginia and the District, among the estimated 200,000 nationwide.

I will bet you a buck that the number of Somalis in the US is much higher then 200,000.   We know we admitted 80.000 over 25 years in the Refugee Resettlement Program and an average Somali family size is six.   The Times missed a perfect opportunity here to report on the fact that the State Department has suspended all family reunification because of the widespread fraud discovered largely among Somali immigrants.

The article ends with a dhimmi college professor downplaying the seriousness of the missing youth case.   

Mr. Grossman, a professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., said that during the Balkan war many young Albanian- and Croatian-Americans returned to their homeland to fight.

“For the Somalian people, there is a great tie to their homeland and a deep interest in war and peace,” said Mr. Grossman, who has done extensive research on the Somali community in Minnesota.

He added that “war in Somalia isn’t necessarily based on radical Islam,” adding that there is a “real danger in identifying the Somali community with terrorism.”

First, his comparison stinks.  I will wager those who returned for Bill Clinton’s Bosnian war were likely also Muslims.   A fairer comparison would be to tell us how many first generation American Germans went back and joined Hitler. (Readers, I am open for correction here!)

The war in Somalia is most certainly about which branch of Islam will control Somalia (see Jihad Watch here for the proof).

And finally, as a taxpayer I’m offended that we paid the airfare for these Somali families to get here, we subsidized their apartments, we took care of their health and fed the children.  We educated them and found jobs through caseworkers for them.  We made it possible for these youths to survive healthy and educated to manhood and they go off to fight jihad.   It just proves again that the imperative of Islam trumps a good life in America!

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  1. Evergreen College in Washington is a hotbed of radicalism. It’s no surprise that a professor there would be a dhimmi. As are many academics all across this land.

  2. I am not sure which scenario concerns you more. Is it that you, as a tax payer, paid for the cost of resettlement of Somalia immigrants in the United States, or are you more upset that someone whose homeland is invaded, his brothers killed, sisters raped, mothers and fathers and civilians displaced, has gone back to fight for his country?

    Not to criticize you, but to say that Islam has anything to do with one’s individual decision to protect one’s people and fight for one’s country is a mistake. It just happens that Somalis are Muslims.

    Furthermore, why are the youth ‘missing’? The fact they’re reported missing tells you that their parents did not agree to their decision. So, again, it is not a religion motivated because if it were, then the parents would encourage the children to fight.

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