Obama’s Justice Department files brief against letting Uighurs settle here

Will wonders never cease! Who would think that the Obama administration wouldn’t be eager to settle a group of Chinese terrorists in your neighborhood? Andy McCarthy reports at National Review: The Obama Justice Department told the Supreme Court this evening that the Uighurs have no right to be released into the United States. The Uighurs, […]

U.S. taxpayers are enriching Palestinian terrorists

Joel Mowbray has a terrific op-ed piece in the Washington Times today on how the State Department is allowing U.S. funds to go to UNRWA, the UN agency in charge of the Palestinian “refugees,” without proper oversight to make sure the money doesn’t end up in terrorists’ pockets (or Swiss bank accounts). In U.S. foots the […]

Conference on radical Islam is forced to move to undisclosed location

The New English Review is holding a symposium, “Understanding the Jihad in Israel, Europe and America.”  It is in Nashville, and had been scheduled since December to be held May 29 and 30 at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel.  That’s today and tomorrow. On Tuesday the hotel cancelled the event for reasons the personnel refused to discuss. Ken […]

More of Malta’s illegal aliens headed to the US

Illegal immigrant Africans break into Malta and then are magically transformed into “refugees” after surely fabricating a persecution story, and we resettle them in America.   It is maddening!  When are we going to send some of our illegals to Malta?  Afterall, these are economic migrants just as those who enter the US from Mexico are and […]

Immigration Daily argues that June 8th White House meeting is telling

The on-line publication for pro-open borders immigration professionals argued in an editorial today that the June 8th White House chit-chat that I mentioned yesterday will be an extremely important event for what they call Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR = Amnesty).  I know this is drifting away from refugees and asylees a bit, but flooding the US […]

African refugees strain the school system in Cleveland

This article in the Plain Dealer is pretty much a boiler-plate article about the “challenge” faced by a school district, and in this case a particular school, to educate a flood of third world children who come from cultures where school is not part of their lives.   I always wonder what is happening to the […]

Obama White House has scheduled a chit-chat with legislators on immigration June 8th

Update May 28th:  Connection between Sotomayor pick for Supreme Court and the June 8th meeting, here. Just now Rush Limbaugh said that Obama hasn’t yet scheduled a White House forum of sorts on immigration reform, but I had just read last night that he has.  It apparently will be a little different then the previous […]

Iraqi refugees demonstrate in Syria, say they want resettlement now!

From the Associated Press: DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – Some 200 Iraqi refugees in Syria staged a sit-in outside the UN refugee offices in  Damascus Tuesday to protest perceived delays in measures to resettle them in a third country. The protesters were trying to highlight the plight of the refugees, many of whom fled the U.S.-led […]

Comment worth noting: reader says we are being “misleading” in diversity visa story

Earlier this month I reported that NumbersUSA has begun a grassroots campaign in support of a bill in Congress to do away with the Diversity Visa Lottery.  Here is the post I wrote. A commenter, Nick, says we are being “misleading”, but I am not sure what we are “misleading” about. Ummmm- sorry but your article […]

VDARE Review of Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” set off lightbulbs for me

Levin ‘gets it’ on immigration according to reviewer Paul Nachman at VDARE yesterday.   The review begins: I’ve just read Mark Levin’s current book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto, whose publication fortuitously coincided with the advent of Wonderboy’s reign. Levin, a lawyer who worked in the rarefied heights of the Reagan administration, hosts a syndicated, […]