Iraqi Palestinians set to arrive in the US: when and how many?

From time to time I’ve written about the Palestinians who originally went to Iraq at Saddam Hussein’s invitation, but when Saddam met his end, they became targets of Iraqis who hated Saddam.   So they fled, but no Muslim country would take them and they live in camps along the Iraq-Syria border.   A few have gone […]

Civil rights complaints have been filed in Greeley, CO

Possibly related story update:  I almost forgot Blulitespecial sent me this link yesterday about E Coli tainted meat being recalled from this very same meatpacking plant in Greeley.  Seems some people are getting sick around the country.  How safe is our food supply?   The Denver Post this week published another of those puff-piece stories about […]

Greeley, CO Round 2 in the Ramadan battle? What is this all about?

Yesterday I directed readers to this excellent and extremely informative article in the Greeley Tribune that basically suggests a new round of protests is likely at meatpacking plants as the Muslim Ramadan holiday approaches.   Read my post yesterday and be sure to go back and read the Greeley Tribune as well.  Since the ruckus began first in Shelbyville, […]

White House Amnesty chit-chat happened last Friday

The bipartisan White House strategy meeting to discuss Amnesty and border security that we originally heard was scheduled for June 8th, finally occurred Friday the 26th according to this news report from NumbersUSA.   No consensus was reached but Obama still says he wants Amnesty.    From NumbersUSA: Pres. Barack Obama took the first step on Thursday […]

Prosecutors get rare conviction in Somali murder case

Apparently regularly stymied by the unwillingness of anyone in the Somali “community” to talk, Minnesota prosecutors managed to get a conviction against a Somali, former refugee,* for murdering another Somali, former refugee, in what is being described as gang and clan related violence.  From the Minneapolis Star Tribune: A 23-year-old Richfield man was found guilty Friday […]

Asylum-seeking boatmen flooding into Australia

This is an update on previous posts (see our Australia category, here) we’ve done on the veritable flood of asylum seeking men from Muslim countries attempting to get into Australia.  For all you commenters who called me an Islamophobe at this post last week, where I said it was a lie to suggest that Islam welcomes […]

Hispanics vs. Somalis: Greeley getting ready for Round 2

Update June 30th:   The Denver Post says civil rights complaints have been filed against Swift & Co. alleging Somalis have been mistreated by Hispanic supervisors.  I realize I miss-titled this post.  It should be Somalis vs. Hispanics!   Oh boy, I predict we are going to be seeing the second round of the battle of […]

Lewiston, ME and the medias’ la-la land

Here is a short article re-published at a Somali website from the Christian Science Monitor about how everything is settling down in Lewiston, Maine with its population of thousands of Somalis “integrating” into the local Maine population. CSMonitor – LEWISTON, MAINE – Much has been made of the transformation of this former mill town from one of […]

Muslim Malaysia accused of abuse of refugees and migrant workers

This is a follow-up to my post of last week when I said that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees helped perpetuate a lie when he said the inspiration for caring for refugees comes from the Islamic religion.  If it does, Muslim countries are doing a horrible job of showing their kindness and charity to […]