Bosnia a haven for Islamic terrorists, but did you know…..

……that we resettled over 100,000 Bosnian Muslims in the US and they freely go back and forth to Bosnia! The excellent blog Islam in Action posted this story from AdnkronosInternational today which lays out the role Bosnian Islamists are now playing in the international terror arena since the US military saved their butts in Bill […]

Minnesota Muslim school counter sues ACLU

Your tax dollars: It is getting downright vicious out there in Minneapolis where the ACLU sued the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA), a Muslim charter school, over its religious teaching while it was using taxpayer money.  Think about it, the liberal ACLU is watching out for the taxpayer more carefully than some faux conservative tax crusaders we know. […]

As Maine Muslim population grows, police need cultural understanding

That’s apparently what prompted the US Justice Department funded meeting at the University of Southern Maine a few days ago where police officers from across the state listened to a consultant tell them the facts about how Muslims live.  The commenters to the article were having none of it.  Hat tip:  Susan. The Portland Press […]

Obama birth certificate controversy according to Andrew McCarthy

This is a follow-up to my post the other day about the Left’s campaign to get Lou Dobbs fired because he dared to mention the birth certificate issue on CNN.   Andrew McCarthy has penned a really interesting theory here at National Review Online today.  Hat tip: Judy. See also, Diana West’s July 30th column on the […]

Massive Medicare fraud bust in 4 states yesterday: immigrants again!

Since health care reform is on everyone’s mind these days, how about we start with wiping out the massive fraud in the government health system (Medicare) we already have!   Yesterday a reader sent us this article from AP.   Looks like the Obama Administration is doing that and we’re  going to have to praise and thank Holder […]

Iraqi Palestinian update from Forbes magazine

Claudia Rosett of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, writing in the July 30th, 2009 edition of Forbes magazine, fills in more details AND asks more questions about the Iraqi Palestinians due to arrive soon in the US.  Hat tip:  Jerry Gordon.   See our original post here. Please read Ms. Rosett’s whole article.   What follows are a […]

NumbersUSA expose’: it is all about cheap labor and votes for the Democratic party

Note to humanitarians:   I can’t help it, I gotta say it!  We told you so!!!   NumbersUSA has an incredible scoop on a secret meeting in DC last month where big business lobbyists and open borders activists plotted strategy on how to get more immigrants into the US.   As Glenn Beck would say, “blood was shooting […]

CIS: US Illegal immigrant population declining, but legal still on the rise

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has a new report out yesterday that indicates that illegal immigrant numbers in the US are down this year most likely due to enhanced enforcement of immigration laws and the declining economy.   Yet, they note that legal immigration numbers continue to rise. Here is the opening paragraph of the […]

Comment worth noting: more questions from Bhutanese refugees

Two days ago I told you about the murder of Hari Adhikari in Jacksonville, FL.  Hari was 21 years old and in the US for only 5 months when he was shot and killed for his wallet and phone in the parking lot of his apartment building.  Here is the post I wrote where several […]

Iraqi refugees in bad Chicago neighborhood are trying to change their community

Apparently a crime-ridden neighborhood for 40 years, this section of Chicago is becoming increasingly diversified and refugees are trying to get it under control. From the Chicago Tribune: On a typical evening in Edgewater, dozens of young men linger along the sidewalks of Thorndale Avenue near the elevated train stop. Their presence is intimidating, say many […]