Salim Mansur, courageous Canadian Muslim professor

Since we often draw attention to the damage various Muslims are doing to our society, I’d like to give some space to Salim Mansur, someone I just heard about thanks to a friend who sent me this column by Rory Leishman in the London (Ontario) Free Press. It begins: Among post-modern multiculturalists, it’s commonplace to […]

Chicago again! Angry Africans demand more money for refugees

There is no doubt in my mind that these recent articles in the Chicago Tribune are orchestrated and meant to create a crisis in order to push Congress to “reform” the Refugee Resettlement program by allocating it more money.  Afterall, this is Chicago and Ed Silverman has been around long enough to know the basics of […]

Obama Administration to lift ban on immigrants/travelers with HIV/AIDS

President Obama, while signing legislation yesterday that extends taxpayer funding of medical care and treatment to people with HIV, announced the final steps to lifting a ban on those entering the US with HIV/AIDS.  Guess we will be taking care of more of the world’s HIV population right here.*   From the Boston Globe: WASHINGTON – President Obama […]

Iraqi suspect in Arizona ‘honor killing’ attempt arrested in Atlanta

The Iraqi Muslim immigrant who ten days ago ran over his daughter and a friend in Arizona in what is being described as an ‘honor killing’ attempt was arrested in Atlanta Thursday after being returned from the UK where he had tried to gain entry.  Here is the whole story tonight from News Runner: An Iraqi […]

Sri Lankan official warns Australia not to let Tamils in

Update November 5th:  If you object to letting in the boat people you are “xenophobic” so says Australian immigration activist Julian Burnside, here. The headline to this story is all about a fear that the Australian government might put “chillis” in the food of illegal aliens (aka asylum seekers) occupying an Australian ship in a standoff now 3 […]

‘Progressives’ badger Japan on the Rohingya issue

Poor Japan, one of the few countries* left in the world that wants to maintain its unique culture and strictly control immigration and its borders, is now constantly under attack by groups supposedly motivated by pure humanitarian concerns.   I say supposed because I believe these are really far left ‘progressives’  and elitists who ultimately seek a borderless […]

Indonesia: We’ve had it with all these asylum seekers

The Indonesian government is making it very clear they cannot afford to keep all the illegal aliens (aka asylum seekers) landing on their shores or being apprehended in their waters.   They want the UN and Australia to do something about it.  Meanwhile, remember all those Muslim Rohingya boatmen that brought worldwide attention when the Thai […]

Got guts? France certainly does as it launches national pride campaign

To combat Islamic fundamentalism, the French government has announced a campaign to remind citizens that they are French!  I love it!  When are we going to be as gutsy as the French?    From the Mail  thanks to Islam in Action: France is to adopt a series of measures to ‘reaffirm pride’ in the country and […]

Muslim terror plots abound, other blogs have it covered

Thanks to readers who have been sending us information on the recent foiled terror plots by Islamists in the US.  I have to say they are getting difficult to keep up with! Other bloggers are doing a good job following the stories so let me direct you to those.  Jihad Watch has lots of information on […]