Told you so! Malta is now an illegal immigration magnet

Ever since the benevolent and brilliant Tea Party Molly (our former Ambassador to Malta) came up with the scheme of turning illegal immigrants arriving on Malta’s shores into legitimate refugees and giving them airline tickets to your town, I’ve warned that the practice would only increase the flow of Somalis and other Africans to the tiny island of Malta.  […]

Comment worth noting: Mr. Parker sure is persistent!

Mr. Ralph Parker is a refugee resettlement volunteer in the Atlanta area who has written to us on several occasions.  Most recently, here, he suggests that we need more “balance”* in our reporting on refugees.  So, with a smile at Mr. Parker’s persistence, below is a Thanksgiving letter from a Bhutanese refugee, a friend of Mr. Parker’s, […]

Legal Immigration numbers: NumbersUSA has another great graphic demonstration

Posted at the top of our blog is a link to a NumbersUSA clip about the large number of immigrants coming to the US.  Today, Roy Beck, Founder and CEO of NumbersUSA has posted a fascinating youtube clip in which he demonstrates to the ‘man on the street’ how high (and how they are not in […]

Another (Muslim) immigrant food stamp scam, this time near Trenton

This immigrant food stamp scammer was caught before he had ripped off US taxpayers for too much, but I’m posting the story because it contains some additional information on the magnitude of this welfare fraud crime. Police said the owner, Mohammad Imran Mumtaz, 35, of Middletown, admitted that he knew most of his “customers” cashed their […]

White House gate crashers connected to radical Palestinian group

I’ve been switching off Fox News whenever they start one of their silly reports on Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the couple who crashed a state dinner the other day.  They’ve been treating it like gossip, with perhaps some questions about security. But now I’m paying attention after reading a post from Gateway Pundit on various connections of  these gatecrashers. First comes a 2005 photo […]

Canadian educators challenged by wave of Roma immigrant children

Here is an immigration issue facing Canada that I wanted to bring to your attention.  I find it interesting that educators were caught by surprise.  Is there no way in Canada (or the US for that matter) to alert school systems to expect waves of new immigrants, afterall government agencies must have granted admission to Canada […]

Cloward-Piven: Use the poor to bring on the revolution

If you are a regular reader, you know one of the themes we have been writing about is what I call “community destabilization,” we have a whole category for those posts, here.  And, you know we write about the Cloward-Piven strategy as part of that discussion.   Cloward and Piven, while professors at Columbia University (Obama’s […]

Israel setting up asylum process for refugees

We’ve posted a couple of stories about refugees from Africa trying to get into Israel, here, here and here.  Africans began heading for Israel after Egypt treated asylum seekers brutally, and Israel is building a border fence to prevent floods of people. A recent article in the Jerusalem Post begins: For most of Israel’s history, the […]