In the wake of Detroit Christmas fiasco: Funny, but sad column on Canadian (American too) immigration policy

Here is a column from Canada that tells us how most people are feeling these days.   Fearing any sort of profiling, we let all sorts of assorted “immigrants” into western countries, then when one of them tries a terrorist attack, we subject ma and pa to cavity searches in airports.  Go figure! To recap: Canada […]

Bangladesh: Rohingya wrangling continues

The hot political debate going on between Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh, where tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have arrived in recent decades, continues as Myanmar says they will take some back, but the Rohingya are now refusing to go back. From AFP: DHAKA — Bangladesh’s plans to repatriate 9,000 Myanmar Muslim refugees to their […]

Church leaders and congregants at odds over immigration

The Center for Immigration Studies has analyzed a new Zogby poll that appears to indicate that when religious leaders advocate for amnesty and more immigration they are doing so against the wishes of their parishoners.   Check it out here. In contrast to many national religious leaders who are lobbying for increases in immigration numbers, a […]

Burmese teens die of toxic fumes in Ft. Wayne, IN

Two teenagers, believed to be Karen refugees, were found dead this past weekend in a Ft. Wayne garage.  It is not clear what happened, but from this article it sounds like attempting to stay warm might have lead them to their untimely deaths.  Here is what we know so far (by the way, doesn’t Ft. […]

Handy guide to state refugee agencies

Here is a website page at Refugee Works that I came across the other day which lists which government contracting resettlement agencies are in your states.   I see the list may not be completely up-to-date because, for example,  it doesn’t have the new World Relief office in Ft. Wayne, but it’s a good starting point if […]

Comment worth noting: America owes the world

Comments worth noting is a category we created to highlight comments that otherwise would be lost because they were sent to old posts, or are so good (or bad!) that we want to make the point more strongly by posting them upfront.   Here is one this morning (posted to our ‘fact sheets’ link) just to give […]

Buffalo, NY: “culture clash” blamed for Somali children being removed from their parents

This story will get your blood boiling on a whole lot of levels!  Basically Social Services in Buffalo has removed 6 Somali children from the home of their 28-year-old mother and an allegedly abusive father.  The mother says she wishes she were back in Africa. Somalian immigrant Malaika Sabtow raised five children in African refugee camps, […]

The Vietnamese resettlement: a reminder of refugee resettlement before it became an industry

I was thrilled to see this article in the Los Angeles Times the other day because although my experience following refugee issues is relatively brief—going on three years—I had heard how much better resettlement was carried out BEFORE the Refugee Act of 1980 set up a major bureaucracy that in my opinion is more interested […]