Michigan county to decide if they will do health screening for refugees

This is a local issue, but it caught my attention because obviously this county government, Washtenaw County where Ann Arbor is located,  isn’t even fully aware that refugees are being resettled in their county—until now anyway.   A Michigan state office and a resettlement agency want the county to take on refugee health screening and the state […]

NC Rep. Sue Myrick tries to have a dialogue with her growing Muslim constituency

Update March 1st:  Charlotte Islamic leader and Myrick critic connected to terror-funding group, here! We have mentioned Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) on a couple of occasions at RRW (here and here), and Judy and I heard her speak in Washington a few years ago.  We were glad that someone in Washington was speaking as forcefully […]

Catholic Charities criticised for treatment of gay Iraqi refugees

It is not clear which Catholic Charities neglected this gay couple, but it looks like Nashville Catholic Charities is one of the agencies that did not follow the Operational Guidance required by the US State Department as part of their contract with the government.   Here is the gist of the story from the Dallas Voice: […]

That tired old epithet “Racist!” doesn’t work anymore

We’ve said it a lot around here, to call someone a “racist” has no meaning anymore. We know that for decades Liberals have called anyone who questions immigration policies and programs “racists” only to silence any serious intellectual discussion, so when I saw this article by Adam Baldwin at Big Hollywood tonight, I decided to post some […]

Another federal raid in Lewiston, ME, so what else is new!

My first thought when I saw yet another federal raid (here is one last June) of a Somali business in Lewiston, ME is that I can’t wait for the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence to bring their everything-is-wonderful-in-Lewiston dog and pony show to Frederick, MD!   For readers not familiar with that story, go here, where we […]

Lucky Nashville labeled “Little Kurdistan”

Here is a long article entitled, ‘Nashville Tennessee: Kurdish Capital of America’ at The Comment Factory.  I’ve selected a few paragraphs that interested me in this gooey, everything is just lovely story, but please read the whole article. Thank Catholic Charities! Kurds have struggled to build a new haven in Nashville, and director of refugee and […]

Boise, ID: Burundian refugee wants her kids back!

Here is a long and convoluted story about a Burundian woman in Boise, ID resettled there in 2006 by World Relief (one of nine federal refugee contractors) and now wishing she had never come to America. This is how the story in the Boise Weekly begins: Sitting on a couch in her sparsely decorated Meridian apartment, Christiana […]

Comment worth noting: Somali says they are here to stay

A post that is among the most visited every day is this one about how many Somalis have arrived in the US through the Refugee Resettlement program of the US State Department.  We also now have proof that other Somalis are entering the US illegally possibly with motives other than just finding a job (as […]

UK Somali woman’s case demonstrates that the end of Europe as we know it is near

Thanks to Baron at  Gates of Vienna for this incredible story.  A Somali woman with 4 children and no husband (where is he?) is given permission by European Union judges to be provided a new home by the British government.    From the Daily Mail: Standing proudly with her arm draped over her 36in television, this is […]

Solution to the Palestinian “refugees” problem: show they are not refugees

Nitzia Nachmias, a senior researcher at the Jewish-Arab Center who also teaches in Asheklon College and the University of Maryland, has a new approach to the Palestinian “refugee” problem that is probably the correct one.  In a recent interview she  explained to Arutz Sheva: “there’s no such thing as Palestinian refugees. If people would stop calling the […]