Canada rolls out the “unwelcome” mat

Thanks to reader “Truth Serum” we see that Canada is indeed planning to revamp its asylum program by listing countries from which asylum seekers will have little luck proving they were persecuted.  I mentioned the proposal here recently. From the Ottawa Sun: OTTAWA ­— The Conservative government is set to roll out the unwelcome mat […]

Update: Garden City, KS and meatpacking giant Tysons Fresh Meats

This is an update (see one of our previous posts here in July 2009) of the ongoing efforts in Garden City, KS, a meatpacking town, to try to head off in advance clashes between ethnic groups lured to a midwestern city by the promise of meatpacking jobs.  See also our category on Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE (chaotic […]

National Immigrant integration conference scheduled for Boston this fall

Check it out here.  If you are in the New England area this fall you might want to consider attending.  Looking at the list of sponsors, here, it looks like some of the same old gang we saw organizing the March on America here.  Readers should know that you are funding many of these groups […]

Did the Catholic Church cover up abuse of refugee boys by Cuban priest?

More bad news for the Catholic Church during this holy week.  The Miami Herald has published a detailed account of how the church heirarchy may have not acted fast enough to defrock a priest accused of molesting refugee boys in the 1980’s. The Archdiocese of Miami, along with top Vatican authorities, knew as far back […]

Reforms coming, maybe, sort of…not really!

Here is another thoughtful article by reporter Amy Umble pubished at in which she summarizes where we are in the process of “reforming” the “broken” US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement program.  I don’t have time to go through it, so please read it yourselves. I doubt that the chickens in the Obama Administration will do much […]

San Antonio: Same old story—too many refugees, community scrambling

Update March 31st:  More on this story at Friends of Refugees, here. I just yesterday told you about Fredericksburg, VA where church leaders there have told the US State Department to halt refugee resettlement to their immigrant overloaded city.  Now, comes the same story from San Antonio, TX.   This time it’s Burmese refugees in a […]

Canadian Parliament to consider upping the refugee numbers to Canada

What I found most interesting about this short news story is that in Canada the Parliament actually votes on the number of refugees.  In the US, the President sends a “determination letter” to Congress, but Congress doesn’t vote.  It is merely a courtesy gesture. OTTAWA — Immigration Minister Jason Kenney on Monday proposed expanding Canada’s […]

Still beating the drum about “climate refugees”

At a meeting in Bangladesh recently “experts” insisted that “climate refugees” would cause security issues throughout the world as they tried to move away from some climate-driven crisis to another country.   I thought after the failure of Copenhagen and the revelations of  a major scientific hoax centered at the UN, all this hoopla was going […]