Lutheran Family Services definitely closed in Greensboro, NC

I am so behind the eightball.  I have stories piled up that I haven’t posted on and others, like this one, that I’m seeing two weeks late.   We previously told you about the mess in Greensboro, NC with refugee overload in a three-part series (start here and follow links back).  Also, see this story about the plug […]

Former Congressman calls for moratorium on all immigration

Well someone had to say it!  It’s no surprise it is the guy with guts from Virginia—former Congressman Virgil Goode writing at Frontpage magazine today in a column entitled, “The Real Immigration Solution.”   I must admit I’ve been a big fan of Goodes ever since he bravely stared down the political correctness police and wimps at […]

Comment worth noting: maybe we found one of the 270 missing Somalis

Back in February we told you that ICE was looking for 270 illegal Somalis who have reportedly disappeared into the US.  Today we got this comment to that post from a reader calling himself “Money.”   Normally we don’t post comments with foul language but I thought this comment was telling. U knw we are muslim […]

Arizona Law said to rile up Hispanics for May Day march

May Day is Saturday and according to Reuters the regularly scheduled Marxist May Day events will be larger than normal thanks to Arizona’s stand on illegal immigration. From Reuters: Protest organizers said on Wednesday outrage over the Arizona law — which seeks to drive illegal immigrants out of the state bordering Mexico — has galvanized […]

DeKalb County, GA has special school for immigrant children

We’ve heard many times at RRW about the problems faced by school districts with large refugee populations where American parents complain that their children are held back in the classroom by large numbers of students who speak little or no English. (Here is one such story from Vermont just last month.)  But not every community […]

Ethiopian shooter at Knoxville hospital, kills woman and wounds other strangers then kills himself

Here is another story that the politically correct mainstream media missed right along with the white nationalist lawyer murdered by a black man in Mississippi last week.  Thanks to a reader who just sent it our way. An Ethiopian, presumably a former refugee (we take a large number of Ethiopians), opened fire at a hospital in […]

Al Qaeda is looking into disguising terrorists as refugees to get into Israel

I have scarcely any time to post these days, but I wanted to bring this article from Haaretz to your attention: The Yemen-based arm of Al-Qaida is examining the possibility of infiltrating terrorists into Israel disguised as Somali refugees crossing the border from Egypt or even as new immigrants from Ethiopia. Shi’ite rebels yesterday sent […]

Reform recommendation: Make big companies help support refugee labor force

Just now I was thinking about the mess in meatpacking city St. Cloud, MN and other meatpacking towns where issues with an overload of immigrants has been a problem—Garden City, KS, Greeley, CO, Shelbyville, TN, Grand Island, NE, Amarillo, TX, Ft. Morgan, CO come to mind right off the top of my head. Why not have […]

11 Somali pirates brought to Virginia to stand trial for piracy

I don’t often get into the Somali piracy issue, but this story is concerning.  For firing on Navy vessels, shouldn’t these guys be treated as military combatants.  Why are they in civilian courts in Virginia?  Think about it, we are going to pay for their trials, then their incarceration for life (if they get life in […]