Alleged Al Shabaab recruiter may soon be extradicted to the US

This is an update of the story we first reported in November 2009.   Mohamud Said Omar, who US authorities believe is the financier of the Somali American (former refugee) youths who left their good lives in Minneapolis to return to Africa for jihad training, now faces extradition to the US from the Netherlands.  Lawyers say […]

Obama’s pandering to Muslim countries not working

Update June 5th: More on Muslims disillusioned with Obama, here. This is getting a little bit far afield from the purpose of RRW,  but this post at Jihad Watch (one of my favorite blogs) about Pres. Obama’s popularity dropping in Muslim countries is very interesting.  Remember that in 2008 we still had the Bush Administration! […]

Somali non-profits struggle to stay afloat

I have more stories to post today on Somalis in America.  I know some critics of RRW think I single out Somali refugees, but honestly they make the news more often than other groups of immigrants.   Two days ago it was Lewiston, ME, and I just a few minutes ago posted on Somali family reunification […]

Immigration mood swing in Massachusetts too!

Massachusetts home of the Open Borders Kennedy clan, and incidentally where Obama’s Aunt Zeituni lived illegally in public housing for years, seems to be having second thoughts about out of control immigration and the costs to the state budget.  Here is a story from the Boston Globe reporting that, in a surprise move, the Massachusetts […]

Utah case indicates Somali family reunification is moving forward

Despite claims that the federal government has not re-opened the controversial and fraud ridden family reunification (P-3) program, obviously this family was reunited this week in Salt Lake City.   According to the Salt Lake Tribune (reprinted in a Somali publication) the family of Yusuf Shaali has been coming to the US “like links in a […]

Don’t tell me they are STILL thinking of an Iraqi airlift!

Oh geez, this is an idea that the Far Left at John Podesta’s Center for American Progress was floating awhile back—airlifting tens of thousands of Iraqis to the US (with a Guam stopover for processing and a security check), see here.  Now it appears that the idea is still being discussed.   Here is my question, […]

We are a blog, not an agency of the government

I wish I didn’t have to say this again, but we have been getting more and more requests for us to help people get into the US.  Prospective immigrants/refugees even send us their case numbers and other personal facts.  We have stated clearly on this page that we are a news disseminating publication only. Just […]

Head Start and some funny money business makes the news….

….but not too much news.   That theme is the gist of this piece at Big Government by Robert Bluey a couple of days ago.   An undercover investigation has unearthed proof of major scams on-going with the program and Bluey argues that this should be as big news as the ACORN scandal has been. Arguably, the […]

Teachers in Lewiston school to be moved out because test scores are below average

O.K. sounds like your standard public education problem—test scores are low, teachers blamed, feds want changes and have offered money to bring “change” faster.  But, what is the whole story? We have written many many times about Lewiston, Maine a city coping with the joys of diversity and multiculturalism.  Here is a story yesterday (to […]

Former Congressman issues another call for moratorium on immigration across the board

We reported in April that former Virginia Representative, Virgil Goode, had called for a moratorium on all immigration.  Today at Frontpage magazine Goode repeats that call. If we really want to put Americans back to work, we need a moratorium across nearly all categories of legal immigration. A moratorium will free up jobs for American […]