Somali brothers rip off US taxpayers in another food stamp scam

I meant to post this awhile back but haven’t had time.  Earlier in the month Somali brothers in Michigan were indicted in yet another food stamp scam and this time were also charged with sending your tax dollars (meant to feed poor Americans) back to Africa.  I’m guessing they aren’t feeding the Somali poor but […]

Bosnian refugee who lied to get into US will likely be deported

But, he was not given any prison time.  From AP: PORTLAND, Ore. — The father of a former Miss Oregon who lied about his army service during the Bosnian civil war when he applied for asylum in the United States has been sentenced to one year of probation. Milenko Krstic, 53, of Beaverton, who pleaded […]

Obama State Department: No Iraqi refugee airlift anticipated

We told you way back in January of 2009  that the “progressives” at John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (George Soros) began pushing the Obama team to commit to airlifting Iraqis to the US in the tens of thousands before they had even taken office. Now, as the US draw down has begun, Eric Schwartz, […]

24 immigrant gang members arrested in Maine

Only a few days ago we heard from reader A.O. that Mainers loved their immigrants and everyone there welcomed them to the welfare capital of the Northeast.  Thanks to reader Meddidy, who disagreed with A.O. about the mood of Mainers on the topic of boosting Maine’s population with immigrants,*  here is the latest immigrant crime […]

Bloggers credited with moving the Ground Zero Mosque controversy to front pages

Check out Gateway Pundit, here, to see how bloggers Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) and Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) are being credited with bringing the Ground Zero Mosque controversy and by extension Sharia Law to the forefront of American political discourse this summer. We have referenced their excellent work many times on these pages over the […]

Comment worth noting: you don’t know Maine

This is the second angry ‘comment of the day,’ see previous one here.   The comment below came from a woman (A.O.) professing to speak for the state of Maine on the issue of immigrants and refugees flooding into the state. She said the following in an e-mail to me: I recently discovered your “refugee blog”. I live in Maine. […]

Comment worth noting: just to give you an idea of who is coming to the US

For some reason, things are getting pretty mean out there these days.   I’ve not written much at RRW lately because I’ve been busy elsewhere.  But, here is one of several comments I’m posting today and I need to mention that although not much new is being posted, our numbers of readers are on the rise.   I wonder […]

Refugee employment placement and follow-up services are FREE!

Your tax dollars: This morning I came across this typical glossy discussion of the Refugee Resettlement Program at Commonwealth (VA) Catholic Charities.  Nothing earth-shattering here, it just really gets me steamed!   Did you know as an employer you can benefit from refugee labor because so much is already taken care of for you by the […]