Oregon Christmas tree bomber was a refugee

I’ve had several inquiries from readers about whether the alleged Oregon Christmas tree bomber came to the US through the US State Department’s refugee resettlement program.  According to several reports it sure looked like it.   Now, thanks to Brenda Walker who pointed to a few paragraphs in a New York Times story, we have confirmation […]

Iraqi refugees in America have shattered expectations

I’m beginning to think there is some boilerplate outline for stories on Iraqi refugees in America being passed around by mainstream media reporters.  Although we haven’t had as many such stories lately, here is one that was published in the Washington Post on the day before Thanksgiving (probably to make you feel bad before the holiday).  […]

NumbersUSA says present immigration levels are unsustainable

We have a link above to the highly acclaimed NumbersUSA “gumball” video about American immigration growth, and now Roy Beck has come out with an even more shocking demonstration of where we are going if we continue our current immigration levels.   Hat tip: Henry Roy Beck: Our latest professional video lays out in 10 minutes […]

Somali teen wanted a spectacular show at a Christmas event, Omar Jamal spins the story

Alleged “teen” bomber said he didn’t mind killing kids either.  Here is more on the radicalized Muslim Somali we heard about yesterday.  AP has a lot more details, and I am sure there are even more details available today.  However, this article made me laugh for one reason (yes, I know its a terrible situation […]

Oregon: Somali arrested for attempting to blow up Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

Update December 1st:  Portland town fathers: maybe we need FBI Terrorism Task Force after all, here.  It just isn’t Christmas without a Muslim bombing, here. Update November 30th: It is confirmed, would-be bomber was a refugee, here. Update November 29th: Foil terrorists by keeping them out!  Here at CIS. Update November 28th: More here and […]

Somali terrorists hiding in refugee camps in Yemen

No! You are kidding me! From the UK Telegraph: Militants from war-torn Somalia are using refugee routes into Yemen as a cover for making contact with an al-Qaeda group responsible for a series of plots against the West. Yemeni officials have claimed that members of the al-Shabaab terrorist group have been arrested in refugee camps […]

Canadian Supreme Court: refugees can be extradited (maybe?)

This is a really confusing article entitled, ‘Refugees can be extradited to face crime charges: Supreme Court.’ The Montreal Gazette begins: OTTAWA — Canadian laws protecting refugees do not preclude the federal justice minister from ordering their extradition when they are wanted for alleged crimes in the countries they fled, the Supreme Court of Canada […]

Canada: Judge throws out earlier decision in refugee case of white S.African

We’ve told you about this case previously here and here.   Brandon Huntley asked for asylum in Canada claiming he was persecuted because of his white skin color in majority black S. Africa.  Initially he was granted refugee status but now a judge has overturned the earlier decision. From the Globe and Mail: The Federal Court […]

Historic case in Virginia: Somali pirates found guilty

Germany has a case too! From  The Virginian Pilot: In a historic decision Wednesday, a jury in federal court convicted five Somali nationals of piracy in the April 1 attack on the Norfolk-based frigate Nicholas. They face mandatory terms of life in prison when they are sentenced March 14. It’s the first time in nearly […]