Tysons denies claims of threat in plant, but feds have been called in, armed guard hired

Say what?  Obviously downplaying the reports of a death threat, a spokesman for Tyson’s Food in Shelbyville, TN is now saying there was no graffiti stating that “all Americans must die” written on a wall in the plant, no restroom was set on fire, there was no threat, just inaccurate statements being made to the […]

Food for thought: Victor Davis Hanson on the degradation of California

This is an article that was published a couple of weeks ago before the Dream Act went up in flames in the US Senate.  I’m just seeing it now thanks to Brad. It’s long but very well worth reading the whole thing. This little section highlights, I think, the annoyance I see here from commenters […]

Update on armed security at Tysons Shelbyville, TN plant

This is an update on the report we had a few days before Christmas about a possible terror threat at the Tysons chicken plant in Shelbyville, TN.  Tysons officials are pretty tight-lipped about what’s going on, so there isn’t much new here, but there are a few more details about the scare. From the Times-Gazette: […]

Somali women demonstrate against discrimination in Muslim Turkey

They say that they cannot get housing because they are Somalis. From WidhWidh OnLine: Somali women living in the Mediterranean province of Isparta protested in front of the governor’s office Wednesday, claiming they have been discriminated against by landlords and cannot find houses to rent. “They do not rent to us because we are black […]

Canada: Huntley to fight deportation to South Africa

Brandon Huntley is a white man from South Africa who was granted asylum in Canada and then the decision was overturned recently by a Judge, here. He is apparently appealing the case, here. South African refugee seeker Brandon Huntley will appeal a decision by the Canadian Government to withdraw his right to remain in that […]

Increasing number of Haitians coming across US southern border…

…..and arriving in San Diego.   Gee, why San Diego? From SignOn San Diego: A record number of Haitians have arrived on America’s southern doorstep, asking for asylum or temporary parole just as the United States is set to resume deportations to Haiti next month — one year after the catastrophic earthquake in the island country. […]

Kansas City vote fraud case growing by the day

Unbelievable!  The Speaker of the House in Missouri may not seat the legislator who won his primary by one vote amid allegations of blatant vote fraud.  One of the charges involves Somali voters who may not have been eligible to vote and were apparently instructed on how to vote. I first told you about this […]

Canada: Ugandan refugee got rich by stealing coins every day

This is a really old story and I don’t know why it was published just today in Canada, but it’s definitely worth a read. From the Edmonton Journal: This city has spawned many cunning and crafty con artists, but few were as colourful as Salim Kara. It was 14 years ago that the Ugandan refugee […]

Norway fears that Somali terror recruitment happening there

No surprise is it?   We just posted on the Dutch Somalis arrested over an alleged Christmas holiday plot in the Netherlands.  Now this! From The Foreigner: An anonymous informant in Gothenburg that broke away from Al-Shabaab tells NRK that members of the group recruit young Somalis living in Scandinavia. “It happens in mosques, but Imams […]

Cutting out the State, Catholic Charity and feds decide refugee policy in Tennessee

In my previous post I mentioned that Catholic Charities and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops are resettling refugees of all religions pretty much wherever they set up an office.   Now, we learn that Catholic Charities of Tennessee doesn’t need any involvement from the State to run the federal refugee program there.  I guess there […]