VDARE writer: stop all Muslim immigration to the US

Brenda Walker writing at VDARE on Friday pulls no punches when she recommends ZERO Muslim immigration to the US. Persons concerned about the survival of Western Civilization watch Europe’s degradation with alarm, as hostile Muslims use intimidation and violence to destroy freedom of speech, individual rights and women’s equality. Those freedoms are increasingly under assault […]

ORR! January 31st (today!) is the deadline for the annual report to be submitted to Congress

As of the close of business today, you are THREE YEARS BEHIND in reporting to Congress the full economic and social impact of the large numbers of refugees being resettled to the US.  See reports here. The Office of Refugee Resettlement is REQUIRED BY LAW to submit a report to Congress by January 31st of […]

Waves of Rohingya Muslims still arriving in Thailand…

….and likely will be resettled in the West. I haven’t written much about Rohingya (a Muslim minority group from Burma) lately (we have 96 posts on them here in a special category).  My interest had been about whether the US State Department was going to resettle them to the US, and once we quietly began […]

Homeland Security tracking Central American smugglers of east Africans

…..but why not start investigating right here in the USA! I just discovered this blog which I plan to visit often (and will put on our blogroll).  It’s called “Asylumist”  and it’s about , what else, the other half of our refugee resettlement program, the asylum program.   People get confused all the time about the […]

So how much does all this cost us?

Your tax dollars: You are probably aware that the last Congress never did pass an Appropriations bill for the fiscal year (FY 2011) that we began on October 1st, 2010 and is about to take up the matter with votes expected in mid February.  Although the Constitution says that all money bills must originate in […]

Salt Lake City: A murder involving rival immigrant gangs perhaps?

This is a story I missed last Sunday.  Two Sudanese refugee gang members were arrested for killing another former refugee Mohamed Hassan (name sounds Somali not Sudanese ).  So do we have Sudanese-on-Sudanese crime or Sudanese gangs fighting Somali gangs now?  If anyone learns more about this story, send it my way. From Deseret News: […]

Crime rate up in Omaha Somali neighborhood

Gee, I wonder who the criminals are if they could communicate with the Somali refugees?  This story on the heals of the Minneapolis Somali crime story, here, yesterday. From Action 3 News: Omaha, NE- New steps may help keep Somali refugee families, who came to Omaha to find safety, safer. Some have said the crime […]

Somali “kids” shooting each other in Minneapolis (again)

We’ve written before about the Somali-on-Somali violence at the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis. It’s the local “community” center where Somali “kids” hang out (they always call young Somalis well up into their 20’s “kids”).   Here is the latest story this week about another shooting there. From the Star Tribune: A shooting at a Minneapolis […]