New York Times publishes two Muslim immigration stories in two days

What gives?—the New York Times exposing problems with multiculturalism twice in two days!    First, we have a story about Malmo, Sweden (we’ve written a lot about Malmo on these pages) and how the anti-immigrant tide is rising and then we are also told about how England is struggling with the same problems with the clash […]

Egyptians want to go home, but no government to take care of them

This is one of the dozens of stories about “refugees” in North Africa at the  moment.  In this case its about Egyptians trapped in Libya or stranded in Tunisia who want to go home to Egypt.  But, guess what, there is no functioning government there thanks to American Leftists (friends of Soros) and union “leaders” […]

Let Choudary in for all to see what Shariah law teaches…

*See update below* Word is spreading through blogs and action alerts that the firebrand  Muslim cleric, Anjem Choudary,* is coming to demonstrate for Islamic supremacism at the White House later this week.  He says he will tell America that the Shariah is coming.  Here is a report from the excellent Logan’s Warning blog to bring […]

US Banks not cooperating with Somali money transfers

If only it were so!   But, I find this story in a Somali publication hard to believe.   These money transfer operations are the backbone of Somali enterprise in the US (you don’t really think those little mom and pop trinket shops and eateries can survive otherwise do you?). From the Suna Times: Minnesota (Sunatimes) Somali […]

Shocking graphic shows US population rise from immigration

Check out this website ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reduction’ to see how rapidly US population is increasing from all of our LEGAL and illegal immigration sources.     Hat tip:  Paul. My only complaint is that the refugee number is too low.  It is not 35,000 but in recent years has been in the 75,000 range.  Obama this year […]

David Frum gets it mostly right

In his National Post opinion piece Frum* paints a dismal picture of what I think everyone can see—the newest refugee “crisis” coming out of the North African/Middle East turmoil.   What I was looking for, however, is any understanding that there are one-worlders (within the immigration industry) who see this crisis and chaos as a good […]

What’s driving Obama and the radical Left to increase immigration?

They are transforming America—more needy people=a greater demand for stuff (goodies from you, the taxpayer). Immigrants will then reliably vote for Democrats who promise stuff. I’m asked frequently, why don’t they (the open borders gang) see that America can’t afford all those immigrant workers and social services, it makes no logical sense to bring so […]

Iraqis bring costly mental problems to Illinois…

….and the mean governor will make their problems worse with budget cuts! Well, that is basically what this article is about—I’m just saying it more directly.   These Lefties are masters at planting sob stories, one after the other, as propaganda for their political goals.   As I said the other day, the radical agitators at […]

North African refugee “crisis” news round-up

We will be watching for any sign that the US will offer to airlift any to the US, or make noises about taking “refugees” in some sort of emergency fashion. In the meantime, Europe is sweating—first Tunisia, then Egypt and now Libya. Here are some recent reports: *The New York Times reports here on an […]

Manchester, NH: Refugee boys attack 12-year-old girl, knock out her teeth….

…..And, it sure looks like the politically correct school officials and other authorities in Manchester, NH want to wash their hands of the case—paralyzed by fear they will be called racists? Through Vlad Tepes blog we were alerted to this story from “welcoming” New Hampshire where the girl’s mother must have said ‘enough is enough’ […]