Food Stamp Fraud: Ahmed goes down and takes illegal alien with him

One more food stamp scam story, this one with a twist. From KNSS Radio (Wichita, KS): In federal court in Wichita, the owner of a small grocery store in Wichita has been indicted on federal charges of harboring an illegal alien who worked in the store. 40-year-old Ahmed Ajami Al-Maleki of Wichita was indicted last […]

CIS report to be released next week on immigrant welfare use

Your tax dollars: Everything in the world is happening next week it seems!  Here is one more thing to put on your calendars! On April 5th, according to a press release yesterday, the Center for Immigration Studies will release the findings of a new report entitled,“Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children: A Look at […]

Former Vietnamese refugee rips off New York Chinese, says she hates them

I know! I know she clearly has mental problems but once again we have an example of how there is no love lost between immigrants from different cultures.   This is not the first time I’ve heard about conflicts between the Vietnamese and Chinese—heck there are thousands of years of history between the two ethnic groups […]

Gates of Vienna: The Rhine is freezing…

Last night I was discussing my post about Malta and about the invasion of Italian islands by hundreds, thousands, of immigrants flooding out of North Africa with my friend Richard at Blue Ridge Forum.  I wondered aloud if the Romans knew the empire was falling before it finally did.   Did they see it coming? I […]

Poor Malta, here they come!

Only yesterday I reported that Malta’s Prime Minister, Laurence Gonzi, said NOOOO! to taking more African immigrants from Libya or Tunisia.  I also reported that thousands are arriving on Italian islands (here).  Now, hat tip: Charles, we see that two boats packed (packed shoulder to shoulder!) arrived in Malta today with 500 Somalis and Eritreans […]

Canada: Refugees have trouble fitting in and are thus drawn to gangs

Here is a story from Vancouver about the psychological problems related to trauma experienced by some immigrant and refugee youths. From the Vancouver Sun: He [Hieu Van Ngo, a PhD candidate with the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work] said the numbers of refugee or immigrant youths who get involved in gangs isn’t known […]

Is in-breeding causing a decline in IQ (and other maladies) among Muslims?

This is an interesting study and for posting it I’m sure to be called racist.  Islam permits and indeed encourages in-breeding and this author suggests it’s a growing problem in the West as Muslim immigrants bring the practice with them.  The cost to society is great. The article made me think of the autism epidemic […]

Immigrant food stamp scammer sentenced in Gary, Indiana

Wouldn’t you think that eventually the word would get around to the food stamp fraudsters that their fellow scammers were being busted from coast to coast.  Nevermind, I take that back, only if they happened to read RRW would they know because no one in the old media ever puts these stories together. Today’s scam […]

UK: Brutal Somali gang violence revealed in murder trial

Thirty gang members attacked one Somali young man and beat him to death in front of passersby.   Five years later, some of the perpetrators are being sentenced to long prison terms, some to life in prison. From the Camden New Journal: A FOURTH man has begun a life sentence for the “brutal and senseless” public […]

Africans from Libya and Tunisia land by the thousands on Italian islands

From AP: ROME (AP) — Boatloads of illegal African migrants have resumed setting sail from Libya for Italy, authorities said, overwhelming tiny islands and towns in southern Italy already struggling to host thousands fleeing unrest in Tunisia. Before dawn Sunday, Italian coast guard vessels escorted a boat crowded with 284 Somalis, Eritreans and Ethiopians to […]