Catholic Priest: Increase the quota! Send more Africans to America!

This is a story I’ve had in my queue for almost a week now.   A Catholic Priest, speaking about the situation in Tunisia involving violence in a refugee camp (we told you about the murders here), says to speed up the resettlement process—keep violence down by sending migrants to the West! From Agenzia Fides: “The […]

Turkey making plans to keep out possible Syrian refugee flood

They talk about creating a “safe area” within Syria for fleeing Syrian refugees, but it’s really all about keeping them out of Turkey (yet another Muslim country that doesn’t “welcome” its fellow Muslims). Here is the most telling line in this whole story from Today’s Zaman (sometimes this article loads slowly, keep trying): Turkey shares […]

Stockton, CA: $2.6 million food stamp scammers sent to prison

I’m guessing these prison-bound scammers are Pakistani.  What is a “smoke shop” doing in the food stamp business anyway?  How about if we have a law that food stamps can only be redeemed at large reputable grocery stores? From The Record: SACRAMENTO — The owner of a downtown Stockton smoke shop, his brother and daughter, […]

AG Holder visits Minneapolis Somalis, discusses “Islamophobia”

US Attorney General Eric Holder was in Minneapolis this past Friday for a conference on “youth violence” and then held a meeting with Somalis to discuss issues relating to the disappearance of some Somali youths (refugees who threw away the American Dream) to go to Africa to become Jihadists and the Somali youths who are […]

Comments worth noting: Somali-America woman discusses Somali colonization

Comments worth noting is our category to highlight comments that come from readers which we think are of significant interest and fear you might not see them otherwise when buried as simply a comment to a post.   A Somali woman (name withheld at her request) has written to us on several occasions.  We assume she […]

Failed state colonization is the greatest threat of our time….

…..and successful states are aiding and abetting the colonization. That is the thesis presented in an essay by blogger Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish).  Thanks to Lynn for sending it. Here are some bits of Mr. Greenfield’s piece, but I urge all of you to visit Sultan Knish for the whole treatise.  Next, I’ll post a […]

US Law Schools getting into the act and helping Iraqis get to the US

She got an idea, found a friend to go to Jordan with her and now runs a new legal aid business helping Iraqis convince the US State Department and Homeland Security that Iraqi clients need to get to the US. From Connecticut Law Tribune: It started at Yale Law School So then Heller and a […]

Catholics bemoan possible loss of funding for resettlement as numbers decline; ponzi scheme could collapse

As we have hypothesized on many previous occasions, “church” federal contractors don’t want the taxpayer money spigot turned off because they have grown dependent on your money to do their “charitable” work.   Apparently the number of refugees arriving has slowed due to enhanced security checks (good news indeed!)  and Catholics are wailing—we need our $700 […]

California Congressman wants answers to killing of Iranian refugees in Iraq

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is calling for an investigation into the deaths of refugees and believes the US State Department is helping cover-up the killing of women and children. Press Release from the Congressman: Washington, May 26 – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, […]

Story about Indians coming across southern border adds more evidence to my theory about asylum seeker fraud

Before I tell you about the story which I should have posted a couple of days ago (hat tip Gary), briefly this is what I think is happening: *Open borders advocates are using our asylum system to get more immigrants into the country. *Businesses looking for cheap labor may be teamed up with non-profit “humanitarian” […]