Blue Maryland seeing Red on immigration

Sorry no time to go into it today, but just wanted readers to know about this unbelievable political shake-up in Blue Maryland on illegal immigration.    The mainstream media has missed one of the hottest political stories of the summer in Maryland as organizers of a petition drive to put a new law (signed by Democrat […]

European Court tells UK—you gotta keep your criminals, no returns to Somalia allowed

About ten days ago I told you how they were sneaking across the UK borders in droves.  Now they know that once there, they can do whatever they want and won’t be deported thanks to the European Court of Human Rights. From the UK Telegraph: In a test case ahead of more than 200 similar […]

Two Somalis arrested for human smuggling in Europe

They were arrested in Austria for transporting a couple hundred Somalis from Greece into Austria. From the Winnipeg Free Press: VIENNA – Austrian police say they have arrested two Somalis suspected of smuggling as many as 200 of their countrymen from Greece into Austria and from there to other European countries. They say that in […]

In Sweden, evicted Somalis demand housing, money

Just cleaning out my e-mails today and came across this old news (3 weeks ago) and a video clip of Somalis protesting in Sweden for more stuff. A somali family in Sweden was evicted since they cant show any income. They mobilized other somalis in the small town of Katrineholm and marched to the welfare […]

Manchester, NH mayor: moratorium on refugee resettlement NOW!

I’m posting the entire editorial today from the Manchester Union Leader because there is not one word in it that can be left out!  Hat tip: Jean (emphasis mine) A moratorium on bringing refugee immigrants to Manchester is long overdue. And it needs to go hand-in-hand with a common-sense look at just what should be […]

Don’t read about Angelina Jolie in Malta today (unless you are in the mood to barf)

Malta, poor little Malta, being overrun by African economic migrants (thanks partly to Obama’s war on Libya and that wonderful Obama-supported Arab Spring) and now we have to stomach Jolie there pontificating about refugees.  Let them loose she says! I was planning to do a few excerpts from this fawning story at the Times of […]

Comment worth noting: Stay in your home country and clean it up!

Don’t bring your failed methods of governance to America! This is a comment from reader Tess in response to our post yesterday announcing that the US Senate will hold hearings on refugee terror screening in July, here. Tess: I applaud Rand Paul but want to know why all these Middle Eastern Islamists were ever allowed […]

Senator Rand Paul to get July Senate hearing on refugee terror screening

From the Bowling Green Daily news in the aftermath of Iraqi alleged terrorist arrests in Kentucky: The office of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., announced Thursday that Paul has secured a hearing through the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee to address concerns about visas and political asylum following the arrest of two Iraqi […]

Roanoke, VA: Bosnian “refugee” lied to get into US

Two weeks ago we learned that Iraqis lied about their military “careers” in Iraq, here, and now it’s a Bosnian in Roanoke. From WSLS-10: ROANOKE, VA –A former guard at the Rabic camp in Derventa Municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who allegedly committed abuses against Serb civilians being detained at the camp, has been indicted […]

Comment worth noting: Ho Hum! What else is new—Leftist uses personal attacks

So Funny!  This just made me laugh.  They are so predictable.   Once Leftists can’t get you with any rational arguments they resort to personal attacks all the while purporting to be such kind humanitarians.   Here we have reader “So Sad” commenting to this post, and I’m posting it below so you don’t miss […]