Pew Survey: no worries! Muslims in America are moderate, no extremism here

The Pew Research Center has come out with a new study of American Muslims (the previous study was in 2007).   Admittedly I only scanned the summary, but did go to the original report to check a few things which I’ll tell you about below. Pew says basically Muslims are assimilating and are just your average […]

An opinion piece to ponder…..

I was a little surprised to see such a frank piece published in a mainstream publication—the Richmond Times Dispatch. I don’t have time today to analyze every bit of it, but wanted to post it before it’s too old (something that happens too often when I can’t get to my queue of articles worth posting). […]

Whoa! Check it out! Obama’s illegal alien uncle has been found

(Cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report) Update August 29th:  The Australian has more details, here. For readers who have followed the tale of President Obama’s African Aunt Zeituni who was found to be living illegally in the US in 2008 (she had been ordered deported, but never left) and was ultimately granted asylum (from what […]

A grazing dispute in Africa lands us more refugees

That grazing dispute was 20 years ago, so now we have one more growing population of African “refugees” —-this one in Cincinnati.   The Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati brought the first Fulani to Ohio we are told in this article.  Today there are 1200. ‘Fulani develop strength in unity‘ [but, I thought it was supposed […]

Norway gets 300 more Muslim “refugees”

Here is a short piece from the Norway Post (probably short in hopes no one will see it!) about Libyan refugees going to Norway this week: Norway will receive 300 refugees from the war in Libya. The first eight arrived at the Oslo International Airport Gradermoen Tuesday evening. The refugees, who originally come from Somalia […]

Alleged Al Shabaab financier collapses in court

We finally got former Rochester, MN resident Mohamud Said Omar extradited from the Netherlands where he has been held since 2009 as the alleged financier of the Somali refugee “youths” who returned to Africa for jihad training.  Here is our story on his arrest in 2009.  Read all about him, just your average “penniless” refugee. […]

Somali sentenced in Montana Amtrak terror threat

Unless you are a regular reader here, you probably never heard about this incident that happened last February.  No pictures on the nightly news showing 140 Amtrak passengers walking across a frozen pond after the Somali said there was a bomb on the train.  We reported the story here in April when he plead guilty. […]

Texas: another guilty plea by immigrant in food stamp scam

It’s the same old story, but interesting to note that ICE is involved so the guy must have some immigration ‘problems’ too: From MMD Newswire: BROWNSVILLE, Texas (MMD Newswire) August 26, 2011 – – The owner of a local supermarket pleaded guilty on Wednesday to defrauding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as […]

Obama administration wants to “continue the conversation” on our “broken immigration system”

….blah, blah, blah! Big problem is we have very different ideas on what exactly is broken. This is an article I’ve had kicking around for over a week.  Nothing surprising here, but want to post it so as to not lose the link.  Earlier this month the Obama Administration had a chit-chat meeting in the […]