Taking a break!

Judy and I began Refugee Resettlement Watch in the summer of 2007 and now it’s time for a break. We are entering one of the most critical political years in American history and there is much to do elsewhere.   Don’t get me wrong, this issue is still a very very important one and we aren’t […]

No sympathy for the Catholic Bishops

The whining continues from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) about being cut out of the federal largess via those lucrative Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) human trafficking grants awarded at the start of the new fiscal year. I told you about the controversy, here, two days ago.   The USCCB is saying those secular […]

UK’s Cameron wants to put a halt to excessive immigration

Hey, good luck with that. From the Law Enforcement Examiner: According to Cameron [British Prime Minister David Cameron], illegal immigration has brought “real pressures on our communities up and down the country. Pressures on schools, housing and healthcare, and social pressures too.” No kidding and we have reported previously on how Somalis are among those […]

Crime rampant in Clarkston, GA

Refugees and immigrants are targets says police chief of “Fugees” fame. From Champion News: Refugees and immigrants living in Clarkston are considered easy prey by criminals, said the city’s police chief during a recent meeting about crime prevention. “All of our violent crimes that we’ve dealt with in the past five years have been [by […]

Catholic Bishops lose anti-trafficking grant, blame it on their anti-abortion stance

Update October 14th:  More boohooing from the Bishops on losing some of their cut of your money, here.  And, more here! According to Catholic News Service the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has lost a LUCRATIVE federal grant for their CHARITABLE WORK to help victims of human trafficking. WASHINGTON (CNS) — Since 2006, the U.S. […]

Seattle Somalis suspended by Hertz for praying on company time…

…..and the Somali spokesman is paid for by you—the taxpayer!  What a racket! Hertz had an agreement with the EEOC that Muslims would clock out to pray, but many refused.   Always pushing, pushing, pushing—that is the stealth jihad.  BTW, seventy per cent of Hertz shuttle-bus drivers at the Seattle-Tacoma airport are Somali Muslims (silly Hertz, […]

That Muslim spring thing—ain’t it great!

Over the weekend we learned that Salafist (read extremist) Muslims were clashing with minority Christians in Egypt and scores have died or were injured.  By the way, Wade Rathke and his commie union boys went to Egypt the week before last (and missed all the killing this week!) to see about “community organizing” the “democracy […]

Finns continue Somali terrror probe

Here is an update of the story I posted here at the end of last month. From AP at ABC News: Finnish police have released a Somali woman arrested on suspicion of financing terrorism but are holding a Somali man as they further probe allegations that he recruited potential terrorists, authorities said Friday. The pair’s […]

Sen. Rand Paul holding up benefits for refugees until audit of program is completed

Most readers don’t know that we bring elderly refugees to the US and then give them Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Apparently many senior refugees are not becoming citizens within the proscribed seven years, but refugee advocates want their Social Security extended anyway. Here is an editorial at the New York Times ranting against Rand for […]