Burmese refugees in Oakland have a 63% unemployment rate

Is anyone surprised? That statistic comes to us from a report put together by a professor and his students at San Francisco State University. Of course their solution to the problem is NOT to urge a slowdown of the flow of refugees to Oakland (or to Manchester, NH for example) or anywhere in the US,  […]

Immigration to be major issue in Russian elections….

…ethnic Russians want to keep their culture (what a surprise!). From Monsters & Critics (emphasis mine): Moscow – A warning by Russia’s top health official against employing migrant workers from Tajikistan because they have tuberculosis or AIDS has exposed rising political tensions over the country’s large migrant population. The remarks by Chief Sanitary Inspector Gennadiy […]

Thomas Sowell on Gingrich and immigration

This is cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report, my other blog, here. The brilliant Thomas Sowell has a good column today at Real Clear Politics in which he riffs off of Gingrich’s use of the word “humane” in suggesting a form of amnesty for those illegal immigrants who have been here for twenty five years […]

NY Times acts like it’s the first time any refugee agency was asked to stop bringing refugees and dropping them off

Have you seen that commercial for an insurance company where two agents are making pronouncements as their pants are in flames—you know—liar, liar pants on fire!  That is exactly what I thought as I read through this piece in the New York Times  last Friday on Manchester, New Hampshire’s refugee problems. This article is also […]

Rep. Michele Bachmann cited Somali threat in national security debate

Thanks to Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum for tipping me off to this unreported (or at least I couldn’t find mention of it!) answer to a question in last week’s Republican national security debate. The question was from the American Enterprise Institute’s Mark Teese who wanted to know what threat are we not talking […]

Danish playground owner banishes Somalis, relents and then still might get sued

The article doesn’t say exactly what the Somalis did to this man’s playground, but under pressure he reversed his decision to exclude Somalis from using his property. From Ice News: A group of outraged Somalis say they are considering suing a Danish playground owner after he imposed a blanket ban on them using his property. […]

Somali round-up

Readers, I am still around (and don’t plan to go away).  Sorry not much time to keep up RRW (am still taking a break!), but I have a few Somali refugee stories I want to move on to you. Late last month two Minneapolis Somali women (US citizens now!) were convicted of funding terrorist activities […]