Colorado: Uzbek refugee arrested on terror charges

Update Feb 8th:  Suspect pleads not guilty, here. Update Feb 3:  Muhtarov says he is innocent, here. Update Feb 2:  A blogger has a  much more detailed account of what might be going on with this terrorist suspect and the US government, but his post raises more questions then it answers. Update Feb. 1:  Washington […]

Formal request submitted to give TPS to Syrians in the US, volags involved

Since the open borders crowd has been so successful in keeping hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the US (Salvadorans, Haitians, Liberians,  Somalis etc) through Temporary Protected Status they now want to secure TPS “protection” for Syrians presently in the US due to the turmoil on-going in Syria. So who is next? — TPS […]

Archbishop of Miami: bring more refugees….

…..we need the money!  He didn’t say that last part, but I have become so cynical that is how I read his plea.  Boo hoo! Only 54,000 last fiscal year. Here at Local 10 News: This is the reality experienced today by the ever growing numbers of migrants and refugees throughout the world. Indeed, the […]

Somali sex-trafficking case inching toward trial in Tennessee

New readers may first wish to review stories about the indictments of 29 Somalis back in November 2010, here. The case is expected to go to trial in March if the court and more than two dozen lawyers for the defendants can get it all together. From The City Paper: The federal courthouse in downtown […]

“Dodgy” asylum claims clog Australian appeals system, cost taxpayers

A problem everywhere? From the Courier Mail (Brisbane): DODGY* claims involving fake religious beliefs, sham marriages and lies about sexuality are adding to a logjam of cases in immigration and refugee tribunals, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Desperate foreign citizens who arrive by plane are launching a barrage of appeals after Immigration officials reject their […]

They must be having problems in Boise with refugee numbers…

…or this news story wouldn’t be out there. From State Impact (NPR): Idaho residents know well the reversal of fortune the state has seen since the start of the recession.  The state, which not so long ago had the fastest growing economy in the nation, has been hit hard.  In a broadcast story tomorrow, we’ll […]

Dutch called “intolerant” for new ban on Somali drug khat

This is one of those diversity is strength reports from Europe.  Since we know Europe is ahead of us in its reverence for multiculturalism, take heed. From AFP news: UITHOORN, Netherlands — A small Dutch city less than 20 kilometres from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has become the hub of Europe’s sales of khat, a plant […]

Fargo, ND: “Canadian” gets 18 years for major credit card scam

When I saw that title (or a similar one) about this story, I knew before reading further that it wouldn’t be somebody named Smith or Jones (or whatever the Canadian version is of ‘everyman’).  The convicted thief is Adekunle Adetiloye, a Nigerian who became a  Canadian citizen (although maybe he faked a passport too!). I […]

Rise of Russian nationalism a challenge for Putin

Prime Minister Putin says he would like ethnic diversity in the former Soviet Union, but would urge that immigrants also learn and respect the Russian language and Russian culture, frankly a challenge he will fail (in my opinion) to accomplish as Muslims flow into Russia in large numbers. From Reuters: (Reuters) – Prime Minister Vladimir […]

Canada says NO! to Hungarian criminals seeking refugee status

We don’t often hear of Hungarian Roma people seeking refuge, but they do. And, below is a story out of Ontario, Canada about a couple who scammed the welfare system in Hamilton and will be deported. From the Hamilton Spectator: The public needs to be aware of flaws in Canada’s refugee and welfare systems that […]