Hispanic thug who murdered refugee in Pennsylvania to stand trial

Diversity is strength, right! We know his name is Enrique M. Ortiz and you can see his photo here at The Morning Call (charming looking, isn’t he?).  Hispanic alright but nowhere have I seen a report on where he is from, how he got here and what his immigration status is. I told you about […]

Epic trial taking shape in Tennessee for 23 Somalis charged in sex trafficking case

By all accounts it could be the largest trial in Tennessee history.  And, what has everyone surprised is that none of those who will stand trial in Nashville next month have cracked and asked for a plea bargain. We first reported this story here in November 2010 and more recently here. From The Tennessean: Nearly […]

Refugee program costs the US tax payers $1 BILLION bucks a year (minimum!)

Your tax dollars! Here it is, buried on the second to the last page of a 58-page report to Congress!  I knew I had seen it somewhere. This is the Fiscal year 2012 annual report in which the President tells Congress how many refugees he wants to allow into the US, who they are, where […]

Catholic Charities Tennessee tries to pretend refugees don’t use welfare for the longterm

Here is an opinion piece from The Tennessean (published while I was away over the weekend) once again highlighting the problems encountered in many states regarding the supposed speedy self-sufficiency refugees are said to attain upon resettlement.  Even if we didn’t have the facts and figures, it defies logic that tens of thousands of third-worlders, […]

UN picks more Somalis from Malta to come to the US

If you are a new reader, you probably don’t know that the tiny island of Malta is an illegal alien magnet in the Mediterranean Sea.  Since 2007 we have been helping them out by taking some of their excess illegal aliens to the US. Here is a report on the latest bunch on the way […]

What happens when whites and Christians become the persecuted minorities?

Will the United Nations and the refugee industry be as eager to resettle them to America?  After all the conventional wisdom is that only white people are racists and the world is full of Islamophobes, but what about “Christophobes.” This article in the Times Live (Johannesburg) about white South Africans increasingly seeking asylum around the […]

Manchester, NH: Rwandan refugee to stand trial tomorrow on genocide charges

This is just what the federal contractors and the US State Department don’t want to see in Manchester, NH of all places. Remember it is Manchester’s mayor who is pushing for a moratorium on refugee resettlement in that diversity-challenged city. We learned from earlier reports I posted here and here that Beatrice Munyenyezi allegedly passed […]

UK Prime Minister warns of radical Somalis in Great Britain

Here is the story from The Independent: David Cameron will warn today [yesterday, Monday] that Britain faces a growing security threat from Somali-born youngsters who have been “poisoned by radicalism”, as he calls for a fresh drive to rescue the east African state from the grip of terrorists and pirates. The Prime Minister will host […]

Now Guatemalans are asking for Temporary Protected Status!

Because of a tropical storm that happened two years ago! Sorry, I have been so busy in Maryland that I haven’t gotten much posted here.  This is a story I just posted at Potomac Tea Party Report earlier this morning and it might interest readers here as well. While we are all busy [in Maryland […]

ORR: Where is the annual report?

Here we go again, BY LAW (here) the Office of Refugee Resettlement is required to send to Congress an annual report three months after the close of the previous Fiscal Year on September 30th—that means by January 31st of the next year. The last annual report prepared by ORR (Department of Health and Human Services) […]