Comment worth noting: Somalis take our jobs, who do we contact to stop this?

Readers, below is a comment I received from a black American living in St. Louis last night in response to yesterday’s post, here.  This is not the first time I’ve heard of this problem where refugees are competing for jobs (and housing) with other minorities. Here is one post I wrote two years ago that […]

Three years of ORR annual reports still missing

But maybe they aren’t worth the paper they are written on! I’m a broken record on this, but the LAW requires that the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (Dept. of Health and Human Services) prepare a report to Congress within three months of the close of the previous fiscal year.  The ORR is now breaking […]

Report: Nine Somalis deported from the US, returned to Mogadishu?

If this story is true, I am blown away!   And, if it’s true these must be some really bad dudes because we have been too wussy to deport to Somalia (and the UN would be screaming bloody murder and calling us names). If it’s true, is the Obama Administration keeping it quiet for some […]

Cuban refugee charged in sex crime

This is just one more crime story involving a refugee—a Cuban this time.  But, I’m posting it because we often forget that we are still admitting thousands upon thousands of so-called “refugees” from Cuba each year.  As a matter of fact, according to the 2005 Annual Report to Congress, here, in the year this guy […]

Tennessee Somali sex trafficking trial points to immigration fraud truth

And, that immigration fraud could end up causing the prosecutors to lose this case. I haven’t seen the very latest on the trial that was supposed to wrap up yesterday, but here is an AP story from Thursday.  At least from this report it doesn’t look like a guilty verdict for at least the CHILD […]

New Hampshire resident commented to the State Department

This is another statement sent to the US State Department recently when citizens were invited to weigh-in on the Refugee Admissions program for FY 2013.   If you sent in comments and wish for me to post them here at RRW, please send them to Dear Representatives My name is Jeannine Richardson and I am […]

The Somalification of Kansas

Update April 27th:  At least some in the Kansas legislature are attempting to keep shariah law from creeping into Kansas, here. In 2008 Emporia, Kansas put up a fight.  So much of a fight that the Tyson Foods meat-packing operation closed down and moved the Somalis out.  We created an entire category about the conflict […]

More commentary on refugee admissions for FY 2013

Brenda Walker, the writer of the blog ‘Limits to Growth’ , submitted the following statement for the record in response to the US State Department’s invitation to comment on refugee admissions for FY 2013. Readers:  If you submitted testimony and would like it to be published here at RRW, please send it to Statement […]

Globalist Anne Richard ready to work as Asst. Secretary of State for refugees

Here is the press release sent out by the US State Department yesterday announcing that Ms. Richard is now on the job—an example of the Washington revolving door in action!  Richard worked in the State Department under Secretary Albright, left to join a government contractor as a lobbyist, and now is back at the State […]

Ten reasons for a moratorium on refugee admissions in 2013

This is the comment I sent to the US State Department yesterday to be included in their record of the May 1 meeting where mostly contractors and refugee advocates make a pitch to the State Department to resettle more refugees from this country or that one to the US in FY2013. I welcome readers to […]