White House’s Power: “doing rinkey-dink do-gooder stuff”

But, would rather be making war! Have any of you read the New York Times bestseller on President Obama by Edward Klein entitled, The Amateur?   I haven’t finished it yet but I almost fell out of bed recently when I read the chapter on White House Iraqi Refugee Czar Samantha Power.   Longtime readers may recall […]

NH refugee contractor says it is on target for NH resettlements

Even in spite of the fact that the state has had much controversy of late about a possible moratorium on resettlements,  Lutheran Social Services is bragging that it is mostly on target to get a full-compliment of refugees into the state this fiscal year (although it appears they won’t be placing too many in Manchester). […]

Senate bill to stop Palestinian refugee scam

FrontPage Magazine reports: The US Senate Appropriations Committee has approved an important amendment to a bill. Proposed by Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, the amendment would change the definition of “Palestinian refugee” such that the number of people now given that status would shrink from about five million to about thirty thousand. The U.S. […]

Ho hum! Danes arrest Somalis for terror plot

Two Somali young men, Danish citizens who had lived in Denmark since they were tiny children have been arrested on terror charges linked to Al-Shabaab. Here is the story from the Associated Press about the two grateful (not!) young men who were given a chance at a good life by Denmark and said basically “shove-it.” […]

Kansas governor signs bill to ban foreign laws in Kansas courts

And, of course the Islamic lobby is going nuts.   According to this story at Fox News, Kansas becomes the 4th state to enact the so-called “American laws for American courts” model legislation.  (Hat tip: Greg) But, Governor Brownback’s signature on this bill is ironic since as a US Senator he helped open the Somali Muslim […]

Europe: Muslims want special taxpayer-funded cemeteries

And, you think Shariah isn’t creeping into Europe? Before you read this story about special cemeteries in Europe for Muslims who cannot be buried with infidels, note that this demand for taxpayer-funded cemeteries for Muslims is also happening in the US.   We had a story in 2010 from Garden City, KS*, here, about such a […]

Resettlement to “welcoming” Minnesota slowed

Well, not just Minnesota but everywhere.  There is nothing new in this story.  I’m posting it here because while the Israelis riot AGAINST more Africans coming across the Israeli border, recognizing the potential destruction of the social fabric, this article highlights the desire by Minnesota’s social service agencies and the “faith” community to “welcome” more […]

More on those anti-African migrant riots in Israel

Netanyahu:   Africans threaten the social fabric of Israel. See my earlier post here on the riots.   This one is from the LA Times: It was the latest in a string of attacks, disturbances and incidents of harassment in the last month, after three Eritrean migrants were arrested in connection with the rape of an […]

Burmese champion of human rights silent on Rohingya

Aung San Suu Kyi is not supporting the Rohingyas. For some of you, this article from the Times of India about Rohingya Muslims demanding resettlement in India may be getting too deep into the weeds, but I am posting this so that my Rohingya Reports category is kept up to date. 102 posts so far! […]

Europe getting ready to control immigration if Euro collapses

They get it!  Immigration must be controlled in floundering economies, but will it be too little too late for Europe? Here is an article from The Telegraph in which a Member of the British Parliament says they are getting ready to halt one of the most important parts of the EU government where people from […]