Canada: “Barbeque shooter” is a former refugee from Somalia

No, he didn’t shoot a barbeque even if the title of the article in CNews sounds like that is what he did.  He killed people eating barbecue in what is being described as a drug gang scuffle. TORONTO – An accused gunman charged with firing a weapon at a Scarborough barbeque where two people were […]

Illegal alien Rohingya Muslims pushing into Assam region in India

I don’t have time to write about it, but in order to keep our Rohingya Reports category up-to-date readers should know that India continues to have problems with thousands of illegal alien Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh who are causing friction and violence in India’s Assam Region.  Some of the region’s other religious and ethnic groups […]

Get ready for it! Syrians will be our next big batch of refugees…

…..along with the Rohingya (but that’s another story)! Last week I reported that Iraq had agreed to open its borders to fleeing Syrians (Syrian Christians being killed by rebels).  But, it appears that they have done so with great reluctance because they fear that Al Qaeda (Sunnis) will flow in with the Syrians.  I think […]

“Benefits” vs. “Challenges” of Refugee Resettlement Program

There is a little chart (Table 3, P. 20) in the GAO Report I mentioned in my previous post worth talking about. You will note that at the top of the list of Benefits it says “refugees add diversity” to a town or city.  Would someone please tell me why adding diversity to a community […]

New GAO report critical of Refugee Resettlement Program

Obviously in response to a request from Senator Richard Lugar back in July 2010, the General Accounting Office has just released a new report that criticizes the State Department and the Dept. of Health and Human Services for not coordinating with communities when refugees are resettled resulting in overloaded, and stressed-out cities. I haven’t read […]

Minnesota Sheriff tells Congress about Somali gangs; Somali Hot Boyz coming to your town?

So, Somalis are moving into small towns across Minnesota, will the gangs be joining them? From CNS-News (hat tip: Mars): ( – The sheriff of Hennepin County, Minn., told the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security on Wednesday about the threat of Somali gangs in his jurisdiction. “I have been asked to […]

Refugee contractors begging for more money (yawn!)

Update July 28:  Church World Service, another big refugee contractor, is also lobbying Congress to keep it from reducing expenditures to the refugee program, here. Your tax dollars! Yesterday, I told you that officials from overloaded El Cajon, CA went to DC to see if they can wring some money out of the State Department […]

El Cajon, CA officials in DC this week begging for help with refugee overload

…..they want $20 million from the federal government and a state of emergency declared for San Diego County to help them out with their refugee overload. Feds:  It’s your problem now! For those of you following the Refugee Resettlement program of the US State Department this news item from Fox News in El Cajon won’t […]

The controversy you likely aren’t hearing much about….

….Rep. Michele Bachmann (whose Minnesota district, by the way, is presently being flooded with Somalis by the US State Department and its resettlement contractors) has come under attack because she and four other House members want to know how deeply the Muslim Brotherhood has planted its tentacles into the US government, including into the State […]