Somali terror funding trial opens in Minneapolis tomorrow

Update October 2nd:  Here is an AP report published in the Washington Post today on the opening of the terror funding/jihadist recruitment trial of Mahamud Said Omar.  Here is the same story in the Miami Herald if the WaPo won’t let you open it.   I just noticed that the article never uses the word “refugee.”  […]

Court of Appeals: Are pretty, single, Albanian women persecuted?

And, should they then be granted asylum in the US? Immigration lawyers have been working overtime to expand the definition of “asylum.”  Earlier this month we told you about expanding the definition to include women who were the victims of domestic violence anywhere in the world, now its pretty women! Here is the story from […]

Sweden to get Djiboutian consulates to better serve “its people”

Only in Sweden! On September 1, we told you that thousands of Djiboutians (7000!) had pretended to be Somali refugees (legit refugees by UN standards) and flooded into Sweden for the good life—you don’t even have to work! Are they going to get the boot?  Apparently not, instead Djibouti will be setting up consulates in […]

New York Times discovers Malta’s illegal immigration problems

Ho hum!  Not much in this NYT article that we haven’t discussed relating to Malta (and Southern Europe) as waves of Africans come ashore and have to be detained for long periods of time because governments don’t know what to do with them! Here is one refreshingly honest line from a human rights activist in […]

Canadian government considering electronic bracelets for failed refugees

By failed refugees they mean asylum seekers who have been denied asylum.   And, Canada has 44,000 of them roaming free in the land!   But, oh well, only a few of them pose any threat! From The House of Commons’ public safety committee has issued a report recommending the government consider the use of electronic […]

Lewiston, Maine’s Mayor in hot water over remarks about Somalis

Update September 28th:  Thanks to reader ‘riveratlantic’ for alerting us, but it seems that the Mayor is saying different things to different people, here. And, can you imagine it!  Lewiston, Maine is one of the Nation’s twenty five LEAST diverse cities, that in spite of the 6000 plus Somali refugees living there. So what did […]

Migration Policy Institute reports on the status of Refugee Resettlement program

This is an article of the sort that screams—we should be doing more!  However, you will find it a useful summary of where the Refugee Resettlement Program stands today. I told you about the Migration Policy Institute here in February of 2011, they are one of those Leftist Open Borders advocacy groups masquerading as a […]

Minnesota Somali on trial for terror funding wants spiritual healer

….he says he is seeing ghosts. I wonder a couple of things, do Minnesota judges get tired of demanding Somali Muslims on trial there?  Just a couple of days ago we heard about the Somali women from Rochester, MN convicted of sending money to Al-Shabaab in Africa (one of them refused to stand for the […]

With new bill, Muslim Congressman Ellison takes the lead to loosen restrictions on refugees….

….and to direct more of your tax dollars to so-called non-profit voluntary agencies (aka federal contractors). Update and reminder:  Rep. Keith Ellison has the dubious distinction of having the most Somali constituents who left the country to join Jihadists in Africa, here. So the powerful lobbyists for federal refugee contractors couldn’t find anyone other than […]