New York Times and Iran helping fan the flames in Burma

I’ll wager at this very moment the Islamist sympathizers in the US State Department (and Samantha Power in the White House where she worked her magic on Libya) are working overtime to figure out how to save the poor Rohingya Muslims from those bad racist Buddhists in Burma. They are probably working on some insane […]

Texas immigration attorney working to expand definition of “asylum” to include “narco refugees”

He wants those escaping Mexican drug wars to be granted asylum in the US!  Imagine that!  We should grant asylum to everyone trying to escape crime anywhere in the world! First, a reader asked me the other day to post the definition of “refugee” and so we can keep this straight, here also is the […]

Egypt confiscated documents that prove previous Jewish ownership of land and businesses

This is the latest news to come out of the efforts of Israel’s campaign to prove to the world that it’s not just the Palestinians who were refugees in the Middle East, that thousands and thousands of Jews were expelled from their homes by Muslims and lost property as they too became refugees. It seems […]

Motive for Minneapolis Somali terror recruitment: create Islamic holy warriors

Way back in March of 2009, I went to a Senate Homeland Security hearing in Washington to hear testimony before Senators Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins about the investigation into the Somali Al-Shabab recruitment on-going in Minneapolis (then and now!). Federal investigators told the Senators, to their obvious relief, that this was all about nationalism […]

Some asylum seekers in Europe pretend to be Rohingya

Here is a new twist in the asylum racket. Since Rohingya Muslims from Burma/Bangladesh are being promoted as the most persecuted people on the planet (a claim we have challenged here for years), some illegal immigrants are claiming they are Rohingya Muslims in Europe and in Canada in hopes of getting the much-coveted refugee status. […]

Immigrants bringing ‘female genital mutilation’ practice with them to the US

This is one of those beautiful things that multiculturalism brings to America!  Right? From the Huffington Post: BOSTON (RNS) The one thing that Afrah Farah will tell you about her genital cutting experience is that it happened. She doesn’t want to say how old she was, where it happened, or who was or wasn’t with […]

Burma: Violence escalates again between Buddhists and Muslim Rohingya

I continue to write about faraway Burma (Myanmar) because American readers need to know that there is an on-going push by federal refugee contractors to bring Rohingya Muslims to the US for resettlement.   So, please pay attention to what is happening in Burma so you might be able to protest any big push for more […]

More refugees being created in Libya

Not everything happening in the Libyan hell hole we (Obama and his Vulcans) helped create is happening in Benghazi (see my post yesterday at PTPR about the theory that Ambassador Stevens was involved in gun-running to Syrian rebels).  Now comes news that Gaddafi forces are alive and well, creating more refugees and challenging the government […]

Somalis being bused in to Ohio polling place, are they citizens?

Update #2:  For the new readers searching for information on who resettles Somalis in Ohio, here is one list of the federal contractors.   However, keep in mind that many Somalis there might be the result of so-called “secondary migration,” that is that they were resettled elsewhere but gravitated to Ohio because others of their ethnic […]

In Maryland, reminding immigrants they must be US citizens in order to vote

Update:  Another report of Somalis voting who can’t speak English, this time in Kansas.  If they can’t speak English how did they pass their citizenship test?   Update October 27th:  More on Somalis voting in Ohio. Voting without citizenship is a crime! Some readers may know that Maryland voters will decide on November 6th whether to […]