Creating global citizens! Minneapolis Public Schools to teach Somali language and culture

But can they speak English??? It’s too late.  We are lost! From Insight News: Minneapolis Public Schools may very well be the first school district in the nation to offer Somali language classes to high school students. At South High School, where MPS’ Somali classes are offered, nearly 60 students are registered in two class […]

Oh boy, here we go again “meatpacker” sob stories; demands for “rights”

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a story about meatpackers and their immigrant labor.  Heck, a few years ago we set up whole categories on the controversy.  We had stories from Emporia, KS, Greeley, CO, Shelbyville, TN, Ft. Morgan, CO and Grand Island, NE.*   Most of those involved Somali refugees demanding their rights to […]

Canada wants more private groups to sponsor refugees

Private charitable groups need to put their money where their mouth is! Unlike the US where the federal taxpayer is on the hook for refugee resettlement via contractors (like the USCCB in the previous post), Canada has some private refugee resettlement.    Before the Refugee Resettlement Act of 1980 (Kennedy, Biden, Carter), US resettlement was done […]

VDARE publishes definitive piece on Bishops funding and asks a question?

Could the US Conference of Catholic Bishops be using federal funding for the settlement of sexual abuse cases? It isn’t such a farfetched question.  Remember in early 2010 we posted charges by a man closely connected to the Episcopal Church who alleged that it is the federal funding for refugee resettlement that is keeping that […]

Amsterdam mayor tells failed asylum seekers to clear out by Friday

It seems that 130 “refugees” who have been ordered deported have been camping in downtown Amsterdam since September.    Earlier this month we told you about another such group in The Hague.  Those were Iraqi Muslims; there is no mention of nationality of those in the Amsterdam encampment. Here is the story from Dutch News: Some […]

Iraqi refugee czar, and Soros puppet, Samantha Power to fill UN Ambassador post?

That is according to a lengthy discussion at The Asian Tribune and it of course depends on US Ambassador Susan Rice’s elevation to the Secretary of State position Obama is pushing. I’m posting this portion of the Asian article just to remind us, and build an archive here, about this dangerous George Soros puppet—the “humanitarian […]

French standing up to mass Muslim immigration destroying history and culture

News travels slowly these days when it’s of the politically incorrect sort! I’ve mentioned Generation Identitaire here recently, but now it seems that earlier this month there was a massive rally in France in support of French historical and cultural values and AGAINST the Islamification of the country. One of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit, […]

WaPo: Who is Grover Norquist?

Oh goody!  Is the Washington Post really going to tell us the answer to the question—Who is Grover Norquist?  Not a chance.  See here. Ol’ Grover is in the news these days (momentarily Fox News will trot him out) over his taxpayer pledge battle with revolting Republicans, but not one mainstream media outlet ever mentions […]

Norway wants to deport Palestinians back to Iraq; Iraq is safe

Before I get to this bit of news, I bet you are wondering how Palestinians came from Iraq to Norway (instead of from Gaza) in the first place.  A few years ago we wrote extensively about the subject. As you are probably aware no one wants the Palestinians—and that means NO Muslim country wants them […]

More on the Diversity Visa Lottery ….

Yesterday, Steve Sailor, writing at VDARE, gave us a history of the “Irish lottery” (now the Africa/Middle East lottery) here and suggests it will be a cold day in Hell before the Republicans can kill the thing. Sailor: House Republicans have scheduled a vote for this Friday on an immigration compromise guaranteeing green cards to […]