All eyes on the Imam as Somali terror funding trial gets underway in San Diego

Update on the trial (February 20th) here. From UT San Diego (emphasis mine): SAN DIEGO — Scores of recorded phone calls show that four Somali immigrants conspired in 2008 to raise money and send it to their homeland to assist the terrorist group al-Shabaab, a federal prosecutor said at the opening Wednesday of a terrorism […]

Denmark could save itself from cultural annihilation by closing bridge to Sweden

From Dispatch International via The Muslim Issue: During an interview with Dispatch International, Pia Kjærsgaard, former chairman of Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party) Pia Kjærsgaard commented on the consequences of the massive Muslim and Middle Eastern immigration into Sweden. According to Migrationsverket (the Swedish immigration authority), an estimated 175,000 immigrants will come to Sweden, primarily […]

Rohingya Muslims warmly welcomed in terrorist-ridden southern Thailand….

….and the Saudis are hypocrites! Nobody wants Rohingya Muslims (except of course the US Conference of Catholic Bishops), least of all the Thai government that fears they are arriving on their shores to add to the already aggressive Islamist population in Thailand’s southern provinces, so why they sent a bunch of the recent Rohingya “asylum […]

Kentucky: Iraqi refugee convicted of terrorism trying to avoid life sentence

Lawyer says the FBI took advantage of “bigoted and susceptible immigrants.” This is the latest on those Iraqi “refugees” who lied (can you believe it!) on their paperwork to get into the US and were subsequently convicted on terrorism charges in Bowling Green, the refugee chicken factory capital of Kentucky.  (We first reported on the […]

South Dakota rape suspect still on the lam

A reader sent me this story the other day and I’ve been looking for more information on the case and the latest news since then.   I would like to know how alleged rapist Obadiah Loyira came to be in Sioux Falls in the first place and where in Africa he is from, but of course […]

Too many foreigners in France!

70 % of respondents to a recent poll said there were too many immigrants in that country and 74% believe Islam is not compatible with French culture (no kidding!). The report is from The Local via Brenda Walker at VDARE.  Please see what Walker says, and then here is The Local: A survey in France […]

WaPo reported on Somali refugee Christmas tree bomber

The article published last Friday is a very interesting one because the Associated Press reporter has really played up the dual personality angle about the would-be bomber Mohamed Osman Mohamud.     For me, there isn’t much of a mystery—permission is granted by the Islamic “faith” to use deception and lying for Allah.  It is as much […]

Sweden: Muslim immigrant youths say young Swedes are so wimpy….

.…and that is why they attack them. The Muslim Issue, in a post today on Sweden, appears to be talking about the same report Fjordman cited here in December. Here is The Muslim Issue on the increasingly brazen attacks by Muslim aggressors on Swedish citizens (reminds me of those Somali youths in Lewiston, Maine): Swedes […]

NAACP, SEIU and CASA de Maryland launch war on American workers and taxpayers tomorrow

Editors note:  This is cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report. The civil rights of American taxpayers and our Nation’s sovereignty will be assaulted tomorrow in the opening salvo of the amnesty battle of 2013 as a cabal of pro-amnesty organizations hold a press conference in Washington (ice storm predicted for tomorrow?) If you were involved […]

Texas: Somali food stamp fraudster sentenced to prison; sent your money to Somalia

Just redistributing your infidel wealth to the third world—what is wrong with that! From the Star Telegram (hat tip: Gary): FORT WORTH _ An Arlington convenience store owner was sentenced Friday to 57 months in federal prison for committing food stamp fraud, wire fraud, and running an unlicensed money transmitting business. Ali Ugas Mohamud, who […]