Certain immigrants aren’t choosing red states, and red states won’t benefit!

“Immigrants ‘find their way’ to ______(city or state)!” Although Joel Kotkin writing at New Geography doesn’t use that phrase I’ve come to hate, he implies it. They don’t ‘find their way’ to your city by magic! The majority of the cities he cites in his wrong-headed assessment of immigrant demographics are cities the US State […]

A quick question: If Iraq is safe enough to give refuge to Syrians….

….why are we still bringing Iraqis to the US? The New York Times had an article yesterday about the UNHCR warning of dire consequences if the Syrian refugee tide continues to rise.  I’ll be watching for the first sign that Obama wants to help his buds in Turkey by bringing Syrians to the US.  Using […]

Ahhhh! Australia housing asylum seekers on college campuses, students didn’t know….

….until a female student was allegedly assaulted when a Sri Lankan young man entered her dorm room in the middle of the night. There are lots of news stories from Sydney about the incident that at first was not blamed on one of the illegal alien boat people Australia is swamped with. Here is an […]

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is the go-to guy in Congress for refugee contractors

Everyone is buzzing about the ‘epic battle’ last night between Sean Hannity and Ellison here on Hannity’s Fox News show. So, I thought this might be a good time to tell readers that Minnesota Rep Ellison, Congress’ first Muslim representative, is carrying the water for so-called volags (refugee contractors) by pushing “reform” of the Refugee […]

Unemployment rate for legal refugees through the roof; contractors should oppose amnesty for illegals

But, they won’t of course.  Most of the federal refugee contractors are out stumping for so-called “comprehensive immigration reform”* which will only mean more destitute immigrants competing with refugees and Americans for jobs. A NumbersUSA ad circulating this morning (watch it!) in opposition to Lindsey Graham and the ‘gang of eight amnesty plan’ prompted me […]

Food Stamp use by refugees jumped dramatically in first year of Obama Presidency

Your tax dollars! Sheesh, I just a few minutes ago told you I wouldn’t have time to look at the newly released 2009 Annual Report to Congress on the status of refugees in the US in Obama’s first year, but I couldn’t resist a look at the food stamp usage data. Ahhhhhh!  70% of refugees […]

Pakistan wants the Afghan refugees to go home

And, they are paying them to go back to a safer Afghanistan (provided to them by US blood and treasure). So much for Muslim charity toward the stranger that we so often hear about.  Pakistan blames the Afghan refugees (some have been there for decades) for crime and terror attacks, according to the LA Times. […]

2009 Annual Report to Congress is now available

I was just looking for statistics on Afghan refugees coming to the US in large numbers (for years) because of a post I’m writing about Pakistan wanting them OUT of their country when I came across the existence of the missing 2009 ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS on the refugee program. Here it is! Now we […]

San Diego: Four Somalis convicted of aiding terror group in Africa

This is the latest on a story we reported, here, in January. From  AP at ABC News:  A federal jury in San Diego on Friday convicted four Somali immigrants — including an imam from a local mosque — of conspiring to funnel money to a terrorist group in their native country. After a three-week trial […]