Members of Congress: We need more Iraqi refugees (Afghans too)

Following the increasingly common refrain—we broke it, we own it—19 Members of Congress earlier this month wrote to President Obama seeking his leadership in extending the deadline for the so-called Special Immigrant Visa program for Iraqis and Afghans who ‘helped us’ when we sought to give them a free country.  I thought we succeeded, isn’t […]

Canada: Is access to health care a basic right for illegal aliens?

They call them failed asylum seekers—aliens who have arrived in Canada illegally, asked for refugee status, but come from countries that are capable of protecting them and so are being denied the right to stay in Canada.  We mentioned this policy earlier this month, here.   In the past they received free medical care, but […]

Guys with non-American sounding names busted for food stamp fraud

Someone else notices!   I’ve been writing about food stamp fraud (the big stuff—trafficking) for five years and have noticed a trend, now I see another blogger has noticed.  The website is the Libertarian Republican.   Here is how the blogger wraps up his post headlined like mine above (which I borrowed from these guys). Editor’s note […]

Big day at RRW yesterday—What were readers most interested in?

For some reason the number of readers arriving at RRW is increasing.  The other day we reported some of the topics that were most often searched that were bringing people to our blog. Yesterday our numbers were way above normal and what most everyone was looking for was information on how much George Rupp, the […]

Former British Foreign Secretary to head large US federal refugee contractor—the IRC

Update March 28th:   The salary issue is a big deal for readers, here. The International Rescue Committee, one of nine US refugee resettlement contractors (second largest in terms of number of refugees it resettles) is hiring David Miliband, one of the last of the so-called Blairites to oversee its multi-million dollar operation headquartered in New […]

Syrians flooding into Lebanon bring instability and job competition, so much for Muslim charity

Here is a story from last week that I never got around to mentioning (thanks to a reader for sending it).  Lebanon is being overwhelmed by the arrival of Syrian refugees and anger and resentment is growing among the Lebanese.  What!  I thought Muslims were the most welcoming people in the world (that’s what the […]

Leftwing do-gooders and big business join forces to bring in the immigrants

According to a new report by the Sunlight Foundation, $1.5 billion has been spent by mega-corporations (seeking compliant and cheap labor) for a lobbying campaign in support of “comprehensive immigration reform” (aka amnesty) over the last five years. If you are a “progressive” (or LOL! one of the ‘church’ federal refugee contractors) now joined at […]

Come and get it! Free government money for “culturally appropriate” child care

Your tax dollars! We have a sequester.  The federal government is shortly going to lay off large swaths of its workforce, including the military, yet the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is still sending out announcements for applications for micro-enterprise grants to non-profits so they can further distribute your tax dollars to refugee ‘entrepreneurs’ who […]

Media and Muslims: It’s always about the poor maligned Muslim Rohingya

I’ve been writing about the Rohingya (Bengalis) for years and have watched the Muslim grievance lobby, human rights agitators, and government contractors sucker the media into believing that everything evil in Burma has nothing to do with Rohingya (they are only, and always! the poor victims) and has everything to do with Buddhist racism toward […]

Senator Leahy, cheered on by the “human rights” industry, introduces bill (again) to get more refugees into US

Before you read latest news about Senator Patrick Leahy’s bill, be sure to check out my previous post, here, about the 138 million migrants worldwide who want to get into the US. And, I just saw more incredible information from VDARE about how one liberal Brit has figured out that letting the world into the […]