What a coincidence, top refugee resettlement states coincide with most top illegal alien states!

We reported recently that the following states are the Top Ten Refugee Resettlement States: In 2012 Texas led the nation in the number of resettled refugees (not counting asylum seekers or those already granted asylum, and probably not the Cubans or Haitians otherwise Florida would be higher on the list); followed by California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, […]

Tsarnaevs milked taxpayers for over $100,000 in benefits (asylees are welcome to welfare!)

Your tax dollars! If you are not following the British press on the Boston Bombers, you might not be getting the full flavor of the Tsarnaev’s scams on you (the American taxpayer) in addition to learning more details about their murderous rampage in the name of Islam.  The Boston Herald has the story here.  But, […]

Testimony to the US State Department from New Hampshire

The US State Department will be holding its annual hearing on the “appropriate size and scope” of the refugee resettlement program on May 15th.  The meeting will be dominated by federal refugee contractors (LOL! disregard that ‘voluntary agency’ label, they are paid by you to resettle refugees) looking for a larger number and greater variety […]

Your one chance to tell the US State Department what you think about refugee resettlement is coming up in May

They want to know what you think the “appropriate size and scope” of the program should be for Fiscal year 2014.  (We are presently resettling an average of 70,000 refugees a year and many are coming from Islamic countries.) If you have friends in the media, tell them to cover this hearing! Here is my […]

And, you thought the International Rescue Committee was just a bleeding heart NGO

IRC:  We love Hamid Karzai!   Yesterday I told you about how the World Socialist Web Site feels about the second largest of our US Refugee Resettlement contractors (the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is the largest)—the International Rescue Committee that brings on average 10,000 or more refugees a year to your towns and cities. […]

Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, get it and read it!

In the last 24 hours over 50 readers of RRW clicked on my suggestion to go to Amazon and get the little book that explains what is happening and why Muslim immigrants are flooding western countries—it’s not that they are looking primarily for a better life (a job, a house, a car) it’s because their […]

White House petition to halt all Muslim immigration

Update April 30th:  Well, this is strange.  The little counter hasn’t moved since I signed the petition yesterday.  I did see it moving up during the day as readers here (and elsewhere must have signed it).  This morning I see it’s at 3,220!  Could the White House be pulling a Marco Rubio and stopping its […]

Best day ever at RRW yesterday!

We are a small blog on a rather arcane subject that gets a moderate number of readers from day to to day (until the Tsarnaev ‘refugee’ brothers bombed Boston and since then our number of readers has steadily increased).   Yesterday we had a record-breaking number of 3,708 readers. Granted over 2000 went to one post—Laura […]

So what are the Socialists saying about David Miliband as the head of US refugee contractor?

That would be the International Rescue Committee (one of the top nine federal contractors ) which, with much fanfare, hired the former British Foreign Secretary and pal of Tony Blair, David Miliband, to head one of the largest resettlement contractors bringing refugee “workers” to your towns and cities.  We reported the news here on March […]

Minneapolis: Intimidation and harassment charged in DFL caucus meeting

Here we go again!  Call it politics African Muslim style! Read this surprisingly frank ‘investigative’ report from the Minneapolis Star Tribune on the latest city political caucus in a precinct now heavily Somali-populated.   We reported on an earlier caucus meeting here ten days ago. Is the Star Tribune beginning to see the light?    Hat […]