Kilian Kleinschmidt: The Syrians at Zaatari are the most “difficult refugees I’ve ever seen.”

Kleinschmidt is German and he was brought in by the UNHCR to try to get some control over the chaos at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan which houses 116,000, plus or minus, Syrians every day. This is a must-read eye-opening story from Der Spiegel for anyone interested in the possibility that some of these […]

What is the death rate of refugees in St. Louis?

Here is a story about an Iraqi refugee who died in St. Louis a few years ago when he and a group of other immigrants brought their own soccer goal to a public park, didn’t secure it and he died when he tried to do pull-ups on it. His family sued the city and just […]

Increase in flesh-eating parasite observed in refugees in Syria, Middle East generally

Sand flies carry the disease.  Here is the story in the Gulf News (which credits the Washington Post for the story, but I don’t see it there in a quick look): Al Salama, Syria: A crowd gathers at the centre of Bab Al Salam, a refugee camp on the Turkey-Syria border that is home to […]

Phoenix police discover presence of refugee contractors in wake of murder of Burmese refugees

First I came across a story about how the police in Phoenix, AZ  had gotten together with refugee resettlement contractors to find ways to communicate better with the city’s mushrooming multi-ethnic refugee population, and that’s how I learned about how two Burmese refugees were murdered with kitchen knives as they confronted what appears to have […]

Egyptian wanted in Tennessee for questioning in murder of wife

Subheading #1: Meat packer brings the joys of multiculturalism to small town America! Subheading #2: Nashville famous for its diversity. Subheading #3: Did David Lubell and the folks at ‘Welcoming Tennessee’ know this creep? Subheading #4: The murdered wife worked at a Nashville hotel—surely it wasn’t Loews Vanderbilt? (just wondering!) Alaa Youssef went to Egypt […]

Political refugee Dzhokhar Tsarnaev indicted on 30 counts in Boston Marathon bombing

Surely you saw the news yesterday from Boston, but I thought I should post it just to keep our archives up to date and to remind readers that the Tsarnaev family came to live in the US as political refugees.  We gave this murdering Jihadist the opportunity for a good life and he decided that […]

Senator Jeff Sessions, the man of the hour as Senate votes 68-32 for amnesty

All of the Democrats agreed with the special interests looking for cheap labor and 14 Republicans joined them.  Why? They were bought, plain and simple.  See vote on final passage here. Thirty two Republicans realized that legalizing 11 million aliens spells the end for America as we know it—not to mention the end of the […]

“They have lit a fuse!” Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer banned from entering the UK

Every freedom-loving American take heed—do not allow the erosion of our free speech rights as we watch the UK continue into the darkness. Free speech crusaders Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch have been banned from entering the UK, Geller reported yesterday, here.  And Spencer today at Frontpage magazine. Geller: […]

RRW blocked on some phones—adult content? Or,censorship straight up?

Is anyone else having difficulty accessing Refugee Resettlement Watch?   A few years ago someone reported to me that RRW was blocked by some government agency computers.  I don’t know if that is true.  But, in light of what we know now about the IRS, blocking certain sites critical of government wouldn’t surprise me.   Here […]

NumbersUSA: Senate phone lines jammed with anti-amnesty calls

Editors note:  This is cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report.  Remember S.744 is not just about illegal immigration, it will increase the number of refugees and asylees admitted to the US and give more of your tax dollars to refugee contractors and open borders advocacy groups. It is not too late and NumbersUSA is reporting […]