Somali government to Holland and Sweden: don’t send those troublemakers back here

According to the Somaliland Sun, the new government of Somalia recently turned back an airplane carrying Somali youths being deported from the Netherlands and Sweden (were some of them the Somalis who terrorized Sweden back in May?). I looked around a bit for another source on this news and didn’t find it.  In February the […]

Blog cites RRW on Bishops taking money from Caesar, gets a good discussion going

You might want to check out Juicy Ecumenism a blog at The Institute on Religion and Democracy on the issue of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops receiving millions of tax dollars every year to resettle refugees.  I wasn’t familiar with it, but blogger Marjorie Jeffrey cites RRW and pulls in other information about the […]

Big immigrant-run food stamp fraud bust in Cleveland area

Welcome to Cleveland!   While ‘Welcoming America’ is busy trying to persuade Cleveland that diversity is beautiful and that they need more of it, some of their diversity has figured out how to scam the US taxpayer out of $2 million! First have a look at the news from La Prensa about how bringing more diversity […]

Someone dares to say it: rich Muslim countries should take their share of refugees!

Related Update July 31:  Abbott beware, three of Obama’s “brains” arriving to help Rudd get re-elected, here. Australia is awash with boat people mostly from Muslim countries like Afghanistan.  What to do with them is really a pivotal issue in upcoming elections.  Here in The Australian’s “Talking Points” section are two suggestions. WRITING about the […]

Egypt’s Coptic Christians taking refuge in Georgia (the country)

Egypt’s long-persecuted Coptic Christians are getting out of dodge—out of Egypt in spite of the removal of the Obama Administration’s pals, the Muslim Brotherhood, from the seat of power. They are being welcomed in Christian Georgia. From the Global Post (thanks to a reader for sending it): TBILISI, Georgia — Ever since ouster of Egyptian […]

UK refugee advocates pressure government to bring in the Syrians

It is just a short piece demonstrating that the drumbeat has begun to pressure western governments to resettle Syrian refugees in order to supposedly take the pressure off of Turkey and other Muslim countries.   This is Syria’s civil war, right? From Ekklesia: Leading UK refugee charities have called on the Government to work with European […]

Ho Hum! Rudd’s a racist

Australia has a boat people problem.  Too many aliens are attempting to land there with hopes of getting asylum and the new government under Kevin Rudd has a plan.  We told you about it here. See the latest on anti-Rudd protests at the Brisbane Times. (Photo is from that opinion piece) Clearly the Marxists* don’t […]

UK: sign of the collapse of the multicultural dreamland?

This story is a couple of days old, so it’s possible the Lefties have already killed the sign project. I have to laugh when I think of Presidential candidate Romney suggesting illegal aliens in the US “self-deport” and the American media went nuts on him. This dramatic measure in the UK shows how serious a […]

Refugee garden projects cost taxpayers a million bucks a year….

…..but no one ever mentions that in fluffy-puffy articles like this one. Your tax dollars! It all sounds so lovely, sniffing the zinnias! (Nevermind, that zinnias are virtually odorless). Here at GMA News we have another article about New Roots, the refugee gardening project, funded by grants from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement to […]

A reminder for readers, we have a lot of material here at RRW

I always find it interesting to see the Top Posts at RRW each day, and you might too.  As was the case yesterday, an older post was attracting the most attention—the one on MERS at Mecca, here. The second most popular post in the last few days is the one on the UN dropping more […]